6 Multipurpose Pieces for Every Vacation Wardrobe

There’s a lot to be said for traveling light. Not having to lug a couple of loaded suitcases through a busy airport or train station is a definite plus. So is packing a single carry on and being able to relax on your flight, feeling that glorious sense of self confidence one gets knowing that their luggage won’t get lost. That being said, lightening your load can be challenging. Packing a week’s worth of clothing into a duffel bag is easier said than done, especially when your trip requires you to pull off business¬†and casual with style. Here are 6 ideas that will help you embrace the art of keeping it simple.

Tieks Ballet FlatsThe ultimate rookie mistake is packing too many pairs of shoes. They’re heavy, space consuming, and usually you only end up wearing one pair. Save yourself the trouble and seek out kicks that can take you from the beach to the bar, all while making you look awesome. Foldable ballet flats like Tieks are a fantastic option.

Encircled Chrysalis CardiTravel minded designers have made it easier for us to do more with less and for that, we are grateful. Pieces like the Chrysalis Cardi make it a lot simpler to satisfy a serious case of wanderlust with just a tiny bag and big dreams. Cold on the plane? It’s a cozy cape. Need a dress for dinner? Wear it as a belted tunic or a one-shouldered maxi. Looking to dress up tights and a tee? Try it as a cocoon cardigan. Clothes like this prove that good things do indeed come in small packages.

J. Crew Swim TrunksGentlemen, if you pack a stylish pair of trunks, consider yourself covered in the shorts department too. Provided that you find yourself a pair that isn’t covered in pink palm trees or part of a beer company’s promotional efforts, you’ll find that adding a button down shirt and a pair of boat shoes can really dress things up. Just remember to shake off the sand before sitting down to dinner.

Lululemon Wunder UndersSimplicity goes a long way when it comes to a pared down travel wardrobe. Good quality black leggings can do the work of several pairs of pants if styled properly. They’re comfortable for travel, can be layered for warmth and they look effortlessly chic with a wrap or sweater.

MEC Uplink 2 JacketOuterwear runs a close second to shoes in terms of all-time space occupiers when it comes to packing. Unless you’re traveling somewhere where you expect to experience sub-zero temps on the regular, chances are you’ll be able to get by with something a little lighter than your winter parka. The best options are jackets that can multitask, that way you get a rain coat, a windbreaker, even a travel pillow all in one handy little pouch.

Slingsafe 75 GII Anti Theft PurseYou’ve successfully managed to pack a week’s worth of clothing into a small backpack. Amazing! But are you planning on lugging that same backpack with you to galleries, restaurants and cafes? Probably not. A small, convertible bag takes up virtually no space and chances are it will come in handy more than once. You can you it as a shopping bag, a beach tote, something to haul a few groceries in or as a purse. It also serves as an excellent way to haul home all the treasures that you’ll inevitably find throughout your travels.

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