Ask Gearographer; Too Much Fishing Gear?

Dear Gearographer,

Recently my girlfriend and I moved from a large metro area to a more rural setting. Since the move, she has taken up an interesting hobby—fishing. She’s been going a little crazy buying gear, and not just fishing tackle. So far she’s picked up a GoPro camera, a new bivy for overnight fishing trips, and a variety of other things to feed her new addiction. It’s kind of caught me off guard a little bit, as she was never anything close to outdoorsy let alone willing to touch fish, worms, or any other “gross” stuff before the move, and now she’s a hardcore outdoorswoman that insists on going on her excursions alone. My question is, does she need all of this stuff? I’ll admit that I’ve never been fishing in my life, so I picture her only need a fishing pole and some worms.

—Other Fish In The Sea


Dear Fish,

You’ve never gone fishing?! Not once, ever? Man, I’m sorry. To answer your question, no, your lady doesn’t necessarily need all of that stuff. In the end, the picture you have in your head is fairly close to accurate if she’s just looking to hang out, maybe catch a fish, and enjoy being outside. However, if she’s crankin’ in whoppers on the open water and getting really intense with the sport, all of that gear can really enhance the experience. Especially something like a new GoPro, because all fishermen like to prove their “big fish stories” are the God’s honest truth.

Something in your question troubles me, though…has she ever shown you any footage from her trips? Most fishermen regardless of gender don’t go from zero-to-bass-slayer at the drop of a hat, they usually have an experienced teacher. Since many experienced fishermen are male, it seems a little suspicious that she insists on leaving you at home. Not to get all Dr. Phil on you, but you might want to have a little convo with your lady. The name you gave yourself at the end of your question may be a little more accurate than you think, bro. And really, who could blame her? You’ve never been fishing?! Have you ever, y’know, had to shave your face? Used a power tool? Had a beer (fruity stuff doesn’t count)? Sheesh, man.

—The Gearographer

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