6 Must-Have, Multi-Use Tools For Outdoor Adventures

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Leatherman Charge TTileatherman
Functionality, versatility and sex appeal… what more do you need from a multi-tool? And while you’re probably thinking, ‘who needs sex appeal in the woods?’ it doesn’t hurt that the Leatherman Charge TTi looks good and takes it job seriously. The sexy is just the icing on the cake. The titanium and stainless steel body encapsulates needle-nose pliers, hard-wire cutters, a crimper, wire stripper, saw, spring-action scissors, a can opener, a bottle opener, two bit drivers, a screwdriver, a S30V knife, a cutting hook, a ruler and more.

SOG PowerAssist S66sog
The PowerAssist is the first multi-tool of its kind to include two SOG Assisted Technology blades, which takes over the opening process once the main blades have begun opening. When not in use, the blades are safely locked inside a side release. The tool also includes heavy-duty pliers, wire cutters, several screwdrivers, a V-cutter and several other features to help with cooking, set-up, safety and any other task you may face while trekking in the great outdoors.

Brite-Strike Ultimate Survival ToolparacordContents
This “next generation” replacement for chemical light sticks has up to 200 hours of runtime and two strobe modes, visible up to one mile. Plus, it’s both shockproof and waterproof (up to 200 feet). The key fob also includes a fire-starter rod, jute tinder and mini knife wrapped with Kevlar line, two fishing hooks, 20 feet of fishing line and approximately 12 feet of Mil Spec Paracord, which makes this a mighty, all-purpose tool for camping trips, fishing excursions and the like.

Leatherman Treadtread_bl_1C
Designed with the functional fashionista in mind, the Leatherman Tread was engineered to be worn as a bracelet in which each stainless steel 17-4 link compactly conceals 29 unique tools. Some of these include Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, box wrenches, a carbide glass breaker and even a pick/SIM card tool. And, because of its wearability, the necessary tools will always be right at your fingertips… or a least, just a wrist-length away.

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi-ToolBear-Grylls-Ultimate-Multi-tool-Nylon-Sheath_fulljpg
If Bear Grylls’ name is on it, you know it must be hardcore, outdoor-approved. This rugged, multi-functional piece of gear combines ergonomics with twelve separate tools with external placement for easy access. It also includes land-to-air rescue instructions and Bear Grylls’ pocket guide of survival essentials… a good thing to have at your disposal should you find yourself in a pinch.

Victorinox SwissTool RS8807954317342_celum_61422_560Wx490H
This 10-year-old, tried-and-true outdoor Swiss Army Knife variation includes 26 different tools, from a reamer and crate opener to pliers and a wood saw, to make sure daily tasks on your outdoor adventure are easily tackled. Additionally, the compact design incorporates a spring-loaded knife, making it ideal when quick access is required, like defending yourself from angry wildlife or laying claim to the last sausage (actually, for the latter, best flip a coin or arm wrestle for it).

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