The Best Gear For Lighting Up Your Campsite

Whether you’re cozying up inside your tent with a good book, lighting up grounds while setting up a tent or hiking a dark trail, these 5 light-gear options will make sure you’ve got the right illumination for all your outdoor needs.

MtnGLO Tents RippleCreekUL2mtnGLO-TentWithFlyLightsOn-zm
Although patent-pending, the Big Agnes MtnGLO features a collection of tents and accessories to keep things on the bright side on your campsite. MtnGLO’s tents and gear feature integrated LED lights that source ambient light at just the click of a button. The Ripple Creek ULx+mtnGLO is one of the brand’s most affordable models, featuring its signature LED light system built into the three-season tent body. The Ripple Creek was also designed with a D-shaped door, small rear access door and partial single wall to cut down on excessive weight, while a simple push-button controls the three light settings: on, off and 50 percent brightness.

Lumaspot Rhythm Lantern618_3_
Lightweight, targeted and sound-integrated, the Kelty Lumaspot Rhythm lantern was designed with both light and music in mind. With LEDs positioned at the top and bottom of the lantern, the internal reflector distributes light to a wider area while the swing features allows for more targeted illumination. The LumaSpot’s integrated speaker and cable allows you to plug in your MP3 player or phone to listen to your favorite playlist while the multi-colored LED option, combined with some firelight, creates an optimal camp mood.

Light & Motion Solite 250 EX856-0502_solite250ex_1
While designed to function as a headlamp, the Solite 250 EX’s innovative construction allows this versatile light to function as a flashlight, bike light, helmet light or free-standing lamp. The 250-lumen output has won awards for it patent-pending design and was engineered using the highest level CREE LED firmware. With up to 150+ hours of burn-time, the Solite 250 is an ideal outdoor life accessory, and comes with mountain options for headstraps, helmets, gloves, bikes or helmets. Additionally, its Micro-USB charge feature means users can recharge using solar, 12v chargers as well as other backup power suppliers.

Luci By MPOWERDimg-original-md
Whether climbing, hiking or camping, the Luci Inflated Solar Light is a solar-powered, lightweight, waterproof, no-battery lantern that is a must-have for anyone with anyone with a heart for outdoor adventure or those with outside/inside spaces in need of illuminating. The Luci line by MPOWERD comes in a range of options, from the Luci Original, all-purpose light and color-changing party light to the Luci Outdoor and Luci EMRG pocket-sized emergency light to match whatever necessity your lifestyle may require.

Sun King Pronew3-2_1_4899310d-28e2-4d7e-bb66-24ae309d07fd_1024x1024
The fully-equipped lantern and charger from Greenlight Planet Inc. acts as both a charging port for phones or USB-powered devices as well as 100-lumen lantern to provide light for indoor/outdoor camp spaces. A one-day charge provides 45 hours of light while the battery has a 5-year warrantee. The Sun King Pro was designed with an intuitive solar meter which continuously displays solar charging strength to help users gauge the proper charging position as well as a rugged 2.7 watt solar panel. Dual-functionality, durability and efficiency make this a quality addition to any inventory of adventure gear.

Fenix MC10 Angle LightFenix-MC11-LED-Flashlight
This multi-functional light combines several outdoor-feature musts including an L-shape, easy-to-carry design (just 53.5 grams) and three levels of lighting output. It’s 90-degree omni-directional illumination capabilities help suit a variety of outdoor lighting demands functioning as both a flashlight or headlamp to help users set up camp, read inside the tent or help to navigate dark trails or campgrounds.

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