6 Weird Ski Ads

While most of you are ecstatic that the sun is shining and warm breezes are blowing, some of us can’t wait for the sun to go to bed earlier, the temperatures to drop, and the snow to start falling. With that, we bring you some of the weirdest skiing ads we’ve ever seen to cool down your summer a bit.

Banana Republic’s Apres Ski ShopBanana-RepublicWhen: Winter 2013/14
Where seen: On sidewalk foldup billboards and Web
There appears to be a large window in the background, so let’s just give these two charming fellows the benefit of the doubt by saying they’re not actually at the slopes but instead, walking around town. So fine—it’s acceptable to wear wool or cotton as a shell while walking around town. It’s what they’re carrying that is of interest here—are those race skis from the 80’s?


Victoria’s SecretVictoria-SecretWhen: Winter 2013/14
Where see: Winter catalog and Web
Seeing a hot chick in underwear with ski equipment is actually not completely unrealistic—given the “bikini ski days” (and variations thereof) at some resorts near the end of the season. But those weird pink poles and boots? And I doubt those skinny legs have ever even seen the slopes. But you can’t deny that she’s quite the head-turner…


Tommy Hilfiger’s Snow Chic CollectionTommy-HilfigerWhen: Winter 2012/13
Where seen: Web, print, YouTube
Who actually dresses and poses like this on the slopes? Only two people are wearing gloves (that I can see)—how miserable must this shoot have been. In the front, there’s a lady in a red, puffy down jacket and a (completely out of place) leather purse—probably with her gloves in it. Also no one is wearing a helmet—but, there’s lots of cotton! And the dogs are wearing a scarf and a hat…


Obamacare’s Got Insurance CampaignObamacareWhen: Summer 2013
Where seen: Web
Without getting too political, here’s an ad promoting Obamacare. This is just one of many lifestyle-ish ads in the “got insurance” campaign, and since the women are clearly not skiing, we’ll give them a pass on apparel selection and instead, poke fun at the fact that the government is encouraging us to drink.

The messaging of this ad is confusing as hell. Maybe the message is that with insurance through Obamacare, it’s ok to drink and ski, or maybe it’s aimed at skiers who don’t have insurance who plan to drink, or maybe that shots taste best right before a flu shot? The copy in the top left confuses the message even more claiming that that shotskis are a path to happiness and since we’re saving money on flu shots, we should drink more.


IBM’s Slopes Keep an Eye on SkiersIBMWhen: 2011
Where seen: Print
The ad is referring to IBM’s technology that enables Nives del Chaplco (a ski resort) to track skiers in the backcountry for the purpose of speeding up rescues. But this guy is ski jumping! No one ski jumps in the backcountry. Clearly whoever came up with this one has never even seen someone actually skiing.


Direct Ski AdDirect-SkiWhen: Winter 2012
Where seen: Outdoor advertising in public transit in the UK
At first glance, this ad is just weird. A deeper look shows it’s actually aimed at a less wealthy region of the UK where Shazza and Kev are not considered “hoity toity” names—and thus (the logic goes), unable to afford a ski trip without Direct Ski’s assistance. But if I didn’t do my research, I’m sure I’d be as confused as you are right now. And again, who comes up with this stuff?

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