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With another month torn off the wall calendar, a whole new set of adventures are waiting to be had. August is a month of long summer nights, good ole’ fashioned sweat stained t-shirts, and a time to cash in on some of that hard work you’ve been doing by taking a little vacation. Whatever you decide to do, be sure not to waste your time surfing the channels of basic cable and instead find an awesome outdoor activity to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

Silverheels 100 Mile Endurance Run, Fairplay, Colorado, August 8-9
With a total altitude loss and gain of over 17,000 feet, the Silverheels 100 Mile Endurance Run isn’t necessary the next step after your local 5K, but put in the miles training, strap up the shoes and feedbag, and hit the trails running in this ultimate endurance event. As part of the Human Potential Series, this is their crown jewel of events that push your body harder and up more mountainous terrain than you thought humanly possible, and with the backdrop of Colorado’s high country as your venue, it might be tough but it will be guaranteed beautiful. And to check out some more races of all distances, run on over to American Trail Running

Upper Ottawa Race & Paddle Festival, Pembroke, Ontario, August 8
A full-dose of watersports, the Upper Ottawa Race & Paddle Festival is three days of enough paddling input to keep you afloat for all those times you can’t get out to the water. The three day weekend starts with a hosting of the Reel Paddling Film Festival, followed by a day full of boat races, demonstrations, clinics, and a family-fun atmosphere. Wrapping up on Sunday with a leisure float, this event, whether you check it out for a day or the entire weekend, will satisfy those primal instincts to head for water.

Life’s a Beach Triathlon, Erie, Pennsylvania, August 15
Life really can be a beach, and this aptly named triathlon in Erie, Pennsylvania this month is embracing that motto and making triathlons a bit more accessible for anyone interested in participating in a healthy activity. This isn’t your typical triathlon were you might imagine Batman like speed suits and cramp debilitating athletes crumbling at the finish line, instead the Life’s a Beach Triathlon focuses more on having fun and the allowance of boogey boards during the swim portion if you’d like. And to find other alternative running events, scramble your way over to Mud Fun     

Tennessee Tree Toppers Team Challenge, Dunlap, Tennessee,  August 1622
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a hang glider flying over the top of Dunlap, Tennessee during the Tennessee Tree Toppers Team Challenge. Open to all levels of experience, the Tree Toppers Challenge is a great way to find or give some mentorship as pilots are paired up based on opposing experience levels, allowing for cross-country flights for the whole team and quite the spectacle to see if you happen to be Sequatchie Valley between August 16th and 22nd. And to find out more about the sport of hang gliding and paragliding, soar on over to The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Mont-Tremblant Ironman, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, August 16
Do you have what it takes to tackle one of the most notable and most grueling endurance events out there? Featuring over 140 miles split between biking, swimming, and running, completing an Ironman requires time and dedication, and if you were thinking about jumping off the couch this month and signing up, you’ll have to wait because the race sells out pretty quickly. But as a spectacle of human resilience and will-power, even as a spectator, the Ironman gives off enough inspiration to believe you can do anything.

Boulder Bash, Truckee, California, August 21-22
Take your daily routine up to the next pitch with the Boulder Bash in Truckee, California this month. Featuring a pre-party, a post-party, and as much bouldering, clinics, and crag time squeezed in between; the entire proceeds for this rocking good time help out the Truckee Donner Land Trust which is helping to preserve the very rock this climbing festival takes place on. A great time for rock climbers of all abilities, this will be one event that will give you a pretty good taste of the rock climbing culture.

2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open, Peoria, Illinois, August 2123
Disc Golf is still hot on the radar as one of the fastest growing recreational sports out there, and as testament to that action, the 2015 Ledgestone Insurance Open in Peoria, Illinois will be a beacon of light for 100’s of disc golf players and enthusiasts to flock to later in this month. With the players all in search of the coveted Ledgestone Cup alongside some cold hard cash, and the spectators expecting some big drives and clutch aces, this event will be chalk full of high-flying fun for every type of Frisbee golf fan. And to find more tournaments and courses near you, glide you way over to Professional Disc Golf

Thunder Rolls Adventure Race, Mt. Carrol, Illinois, August 22
Thunder rolls and lightning crashes in Mt. Carrol, Illinois later this month when the 13th annual series of 12 and 24 hour adventure races run through the local wilderness. Featuring ropes, orienteering, and general race clinics the day before, as well as a friendly price point, this race is perfect for the beginner adventure racer looking to get their feet wet. And as a national qualifying event, it’s not just good grounds for the beginners, but even the experienced adventure racer can find a rewarding and challenging course in Mt. Carrol later this month. And to find more information on other adventure races happening near you, orienteer on over to  United States Adventure Racing

National Park Service 99th Birthday, Various Locations, August 25
The really big birthday bash will be happening in a year from now, but let’s not overlook the National Park Service’s last celebration of a two-digit birthday. While some of the original National Parks were designated well before 1916, the National Park Service as we know it today was put into motion by the National Park Service Organic Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson. The NPS and fellow foundations are putting out all the stops this year to attract new interest and wonderment into our nation’s biggest assets, and you can do your part by simply exploring these natural wonders all year long.

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