Ask Gearographer: Snowblowers

Dear Gearographer,blog-gear-guy1

I‘m seriously considering buying a snow blower for the coming winter. Which ones would you suggest?

Expecting the worse in Buffalo
Dear Expecting

Might I suggest a different tack? Contact these manufacturers: Toro, Ariens, Husqvarna, Craftsman and Troy-Bilt and have them send you their product brochures. Then, stealthily slip these brochures into your neighbor’s mailbox (I know that’s illegal, that’s why I said “Stealthily.”) Hopefully at least one of them will take the bait. Once your neighbor has bought a new snow blower, he will be so excited you’ll get your driveway and sidewalk cleared for at least one winter, possible even two before the newness wears off. I’ve always said, “I don’t want a snow blower, I just want a neighbor with one.”


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