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©istockphoto/Chatchai Somwat

©istockphoto/Chatchai Somwat

Dear Gearographer,

I want to buy a camping tent to sleep my wife and I and our two young kids. I don’t know what size tent I need. They all say “Sleeps 2-4” or “4-6” What size would you recommend for a family of four?

Size does matter in Utah


Dear Size,

Buying a tent is just like renting a ski condo or buying a small bag of chips. Why, you may ask? Well, because their sizing makes absolutely no sense. A ski condo that claims to sleep 8 is probably a one bedroom with a couch. A small bag of chips that lists 2 serving portions is probably about 4 chips and some crumbs. It’s the same with tents. It may say it sleeps 2-4 but if you want to stand up, roll over, or have anywhere to throw your dirty socks, you’re out of luck. I would get two tents: one that sleeps at least 2-4 and that’s just for you and the wife. Get another tent that sleeps 2-4 for the kids and set it up far, far away from yours.

The reason for two tents is: when camping, especially pertaining to camping with your kids, there is always a lot of whining, crying, having to pee in the middle of the night and getting scared at every little sound. I always hate for my kids to see me like that and I’m sure you don’t want yours to think less of you either.


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