Ask Gearographer: What Do I Do With Old Electronics?

Dear Gearographer,
I finally got a big flat screen TV but don’t know what to do with my old TV. I also have two old computer monitors and some other electronic gear to get rid of. Can I sell this stuff or should I just throw it out?
Too much Crap in Cleveland


Dear Mr. Crap,

Congrats on the big flat screen; nobody can accuse you of rushing into things. As far as the old TV, monitors and keyboards go, believe me, nobody wants them. Maybe you can find the one other guy in America who doesn’t have a flat screen yet and sell him your old TV but I doubt it.

Don’t just throw this stuff away though. It’s not only a bad idea to add to the landfills but it’s probably against the law. There are companies in most towns that will dispose of this stuff properly but they usually charge for the service. Some towns have a day or two a year when you can drop off this stuff to be recycled for free. Otherwise, you can try a local charity thrift store but it’s likely even they’ve already joined the 21st century.


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