Ask Gearographer: Duct Tape

Dear Gearographer,

What is Duct Tape and how did we ever survive without it?

Yours truly,
Sticky in Florida

Dear Sticky,

Duct Tape is a gift from the Gods to all of humanity. Okay, if you want the technical definition you can go to another gift to all humanity: Wikipedia. To me, Duck or Duct—both names are correct—is just about all I need in my toolkit. Okay, maybe WD-40 also. As the sages say: “if it moves and ain’t s’posed to, use Duct tape. If it should move and don’t, use WD-40.”

Duct tape’s uses are universal and it can repair just about anything, even a broken male ego. With my trusty roll of Duct tape I can repair anything and everything I’m nagged me about. Okay I shouldn’t say “nag”, it’s more like a suggestion Lady of the House makes ten times a day, every day for the rest of my… A better use for it might be over my mouth.


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