Awesome Outdoor Crowdfunding Projects to Check Out in September

Awesome Outdoor Crowdfunding Projects to Check Out in September

Websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo let the consumer decide which product is going to market because they have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and invest their hard earned dollars into these new ideas. Throughout these crowdfunding sites are millions of good ideas varying from massive city-scale developments to personal projects asking for a little financing. And while there are plenty to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down what you want to invest in, so here are 10 outdoor crowdfunding projects to check out in September:


LifeCool: Protects Your Ice and Protects Your Life
The perfect companion for your next boat outing, the LifeCool Cooler wont only keep your tasty beverages at a preferred temperature, if need be, it can also act as a multi-person inflatable life-saving raft. Besides its rotational molded design that ensures your ice keeps for a longtime, this innovative ice chest can also deploy four inflatable mini-rafts that can save your life if your vacation decides to sink in the middle of the water.


SUNO WALLET: Have the Sun in Your Pockets
Perfect for those on-the-go entrepreneurs, the SUNO WALLET is the easiest way to carry around a solar charger that has good use beyond its charging capabilities. Besides holding your Benjamins in place, with a simple addition of your smartphone device and charging cord, the SUNO WALLET can instantly become a fully functional solar charging device, making sure that your batteries never run out again.


CLOAK’D Saddle Bag: Bicycle Seat Bag with a Built In Cover
One of the least enjoyable feelings on the planet is the cold seepage into private areas that occurs after sitting on a wet bicycle seat. Avoid this unwelcome alarm clock to your day with the CLOAK’D Saddle Bag and built-in seat cover. Saddle bags are convenient enough, with enough space to cover the essentials (house keys, wallet, etc.), and add in the extra seat cover, and this could be one of the most utilitarian additions you adhere to your bike.


Guarddy GPS Safe Watch for Kids and Adults
Long past are the days where you can’t be informed of your child’s location 24/7. Introducing the Guarddy GPS Safe Watch intended for kids, and perfect for adults as well. This super lightweight, super durable smartwatch has everything you’d expect from a smart device, including SMS text messaging, Bluetooth connectivity, and a step tracker, but more importantly it can promptly locate and track the location of those close to you.


Frontier Plus: A Next-Generation Portable Wood Burning Stove
The Frontier Plus Portable Wood Burning—don’t leave home without it. This portable wood burning stove can heat up any shelter you inhabit, and with its portable and easy to carry design, you no longer have to associate the winter months with that cold weather that nips at your bones. And with a flashing kit included that ensures proper ventilation, you no longer have to live in a log cabin just to enjoy the simplistic nature of word burned heat.


Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Keychain
Follow the Boy Scouts of America motto and always be prepared with the Firestarter Paracord Bracelet and Keychain. Easy to use in a pinch, this survival bracelet is like no other in that it also contains a built in flint/steel fire starter. Use the Paracord to build a shelter, set up a bear hang, or create outdoor tools, and when it’s time to warm up by the fire, use this easy striking fire starter to get the sparks you need.


Spoken Lights: Full Color LED Customizable Bike Wheel Lights
Whether you rock the Spoken Lights LED Bike Wheel Lights for function or style, safety or aesthetics, one thing is to be sure, you’ll be noticed by your fellow pedestrians. A light show for your bike, Spoken Lights attaches to your bike spokes to make intricate Spirograph-like designs as your roll down the street. A great way to get noticed by passing cars, and a fun thing for everyone to see, Spoken Lights is a valuable addition to your favorite set of wheels.


The Qliplet: The Next Generation Super Clip
Touted as the Swiss Army Knife of carabineers, the Qliplet is a multi-function hook that has a plethora of uses already documented and even more functionality yet undiscovered. Featuring a space-age design, this pocket friendly multi-use item can be used to hang your backpack, let you go hands-free, and can be utilized in just about every form and fashion to simply make your life easier. Check it out yourself today by backing the Qliplet Next Next Generation Super Clip.


Picar: A Recumbent Pedal Car With Style
Look! Down the road! It’s a recumbent bike, it’s an electric bike, it’s a velomobile! No, it’s Picar—the Recumbent bike with style. Cruise down any road with this stylish 4-in-1 bike and add a little class to the no-gas revolution. It’s a pedal bike that lets you sit back while it stores energy and lets you ride in style, and featuring a design like no other, the Picar is a sure fire way to let people know that not only can you turn the pedal, but you can do it in style.


Lumo: Outstanding Nature Photography Magazine
Take part in some inspiration with the Lumo—your next favorite outdoor nature photography magazine. Featuring 100 pages and released six times a year, this full color magazine will give tips, stories, and of course fantastic images from nature photography across the world, and you can be at the ground floor of this high-caliber editorial feature. And whether you just like looking at the photos or you are looking for a place to submit your own, look no further than Lumo Magazine.

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