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On September 18, 2015
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If you only buy one accessory for you GoPro or any action camera, buy this one. It helps to make those incredibly difficult shots incredibly simple and gives them a unique angle.

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We picked up a drone the other day and wanted to get some cool shots of it in action. So I thought what’s a better way to do that than to use the Joby Action Jib Kit? So we got to flying and filming, and here are my thoughts on how the Jib Kit performed.


Functionality ★★★★★
Functionally, the Jib worked really well. It’s easy to attach our GoPro using the mount that comes with the jib. Just turn on the GoPro and you are ready to go. It’s a pretty straightforward tool if you have ever used a jib before. It’s really simple to use and easy to adjust the camera using the pulley system. I would definitely recommend getting the GripTight Mount so that you can attach your phone and see exactly what you’re filming.

Here are a few of the shots that you’re able to get with the Jib Kit that would be otherwise incredibly difficult: crane shot, tracking shot, high angle shot, low angle shot, top shot, tilt shot, hard-to-get shot, and the spin shot.

Personally I think this is best used in the hard-to-get shot because some places are just impossible to get to without using a jib. Unless you are willing to jump in front of a speeding dirt bike or climb on a roof, then you absolutely need this if you own a GoPro or any other action camera.


Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
The jib kit is very well designed and easy to put together. It comes in a convenient little bag and all of the parts screw into each other which is very straightforward. The only complaint I have about our jib kit is that we did not get the monopod, meaning my arms got incredibly tired after holding the jib kit for over 45 minutes at those high angles. Although a light tool, anything would make your arms tired after a given amount of time. Other than not getting all the tools I needed (my own fault), I felt like the design is perfect. We didn’t use any other action cameras, but just knowing that it is compatible with any of the action cameras on the market is a good feeling. You never know when something better than our GoPro is going to surface. Also, the customizability on this kit is a huge advantage. Especially if you get anything in the Joby Action series, which allows for even further customization.


Durability ★★★★
It is incredibly light, 11. 3 ounces to be exact, making it very simple to transport on any sort of adventure. By itself, the jib actually weighs less than a bottle of water. It’s also incredibly durable. I actually dropped it, while attached to my GoPro, off of our office roof on accident. This was only about 1 story up but the jib was unfazed. My buddy passed it right back up to me and we continued filming.


Value ★★★★
At only $79.95 the Joby Action Jib kit is an awesome value and a priceless tool for any action filmmaker. At about the same cost as an LCD screen for your GoPro, I believe this accessory is imperative to the action camera arsenal. If you’re doing what you should be doing with a GoPro, which is being awesome, then you absolutely should consider grabbing this jib kit.

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