Backpack Must-Haves for Your Afternoon Bike Trip

152027185The afternoon bike mission is the epitome of summertime freedom. Hours of daylight remain at your fingertips, and there’s nothing better than an after work adventure. Carrying everything you need on your back can be slightly limiting, so here’s a list of what you should toss in your bag before hitting the road.

A (full) Waterbottle
You are going to get thirsty, that is a guarantee.

A Few Hard Ciders
When you stumble upon a secret beach or a riverside rope swing, you’re definitely going to want to relax for a bit with a few cold beverages.

A Jambox
Putting your iPhone inside of a dirty solo cup you found on the beach works as an amplifier, but there are definitely some better options that are lightweight and high powered.

Your Bathing Suit
Unless you prefer skinny dips, which is entirely understandable.

Frozen mango and roasted chick peas are a great source of energy, and they’re tasty to boot.

A Glow in the Dark Bocce Set
Okay, so this may not actually fit in your backpack, but you should absolutely get one of these. Keep it attached to your bike at all times so when the sun goes down, you’re good to go.

Knog Lights
If that last round of bocce keeps you out after dark, make sure you have a set of these silicone lights to get home safely.

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