Be Prepared With Adventure Medical Kits

Are you prepared? That’s the question that our friends at Adventure Medical Kits has for you. Sure, you remembered your sleeping bag and cooking pots, but no backpack or car camping kit is complete without a first aid kit. To begin to understand your medical needs, here are 5 Adventure Medical Kits perfect for camping and adventure—just remember though, the important part isn’t having the first-aid kit, it’s knowing how to use it.

Travel MedicThis lightweight, low-cost medical kit is perfect for those afternoon outings or general travel purposes. That’s because with a supply list including band-aids, mole-skin, and a host of over the counter medications, whether you’re traveling by train or foot, the Travel Medic will have your most basic medical needs covered.

Family First Aid KitGreat for family getaways, this medical kit not only covers your children’s needs, but has everything the caregiver could use as well. With supplies to cover scraped knees, inclimate weather, bruised backs, and poison ivy rashes; this kit also includes the comprehensive “Caring for Children in the Outdoors” publication.

Ultralight and Watertight .9No need to worry about soggy band aids with the Ultralight and Watertight medical kit. That’s because this compact first-aid reservoir comes in a DryFlex bag and seal that makes for the perfect companion for water travels. And with an inclusive supply list ranging from safety pins to trauma pads, you’ll have everything you need to paddle safely.

Sportsman GrizzlyThis first-aid kit, designed for up to 14 days of unsupported travel, has everything and more for even your greatest expeditions. Weighing a whopping two pounds, this is a great kit to stick in the trunk, have on the boat, or for the experienced backpacker leading a large group through the woods. The supply list is long on this one, and some professional training might be required to use everything within, but have the knowledge, and be prepared for anything on your next adventure.

Mountain Series ComprehensiveOffering everything you could ever need in the backcountry, the Comprehensive Mountain Series first-aid kit can support your group for a month of adventure travel. Administer CPR, clean and close wounds, and treat that upset stomach., if you are qualified to carry this complete first-aid kit, you will surely be the hero for any upsets in the backcountry.

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