Catching Bass with James Watson

Professional Angler, James Watson took some time and talked with us about his big win last year and his ever-expanding career.

Josh Campbell: First of all, I want to say congratulations on your win at Table Rock Lake last year.
James Watson: That was a pretty big win for me.

JC: What did that win mean for you?
JW: It meant a lot to me, especially since it was on my home lake, so my friends and family and everybody was there. And it was the icing on the cake for a pretty good year. And just getting the chance to taste that blood of winning against anglers of that caliber.

JC: What is one of your favorite lakes to fish?
JW: Table Rock is one of my favorite  lakes since I grew up close to there and I know the lake real well.

JC: What is your favorite type of fish to catch?
JW: I like to catch fish that are roaming around on the bank, whether it’s in bushes or lay-downs or grass. Shallow type fishing is the way I like to go.

JC: Do you use an electronic fish finder?
JW: I don’t use electronics a whole lot. I need to because I fish all over the country and it requires you to get off the bank and out on ledges and I’m not very strong there.

JC: What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?
JW: The biggest bass I’ve ever caught is 8.5.

JC: What got you started into fishing?
JW: My dad was a tournament angler. Not on the national scene but locally and regionally and I frequented his weigh-ins and I fished with him in buddy tournaments at a young age, and I got to fish with him and some of his friends at a young age and I just fell in love with the sport of tournament fishing.

JC: Who would you say is your hero in the fishing world?
JW: Well there are two people, my dad of course, and another local guy named Terry Thomas. I actually got to fish with Terry a few weeks ago and that was the first time I’ve gotten to fish with him in 20 years. He doesn’t tournament fish as much as he used to. But he’s been very successful and kept it simple and didn’t get hung up on different techniques and tactics and still manages to take everyone’s money.

JC: What is your greatest “Fish” story?
JW: My craziest fish story would actually have to be the tournament at Table Rock that I won. I wanted to fish a particular little cut all day on a bluff end. And I told my co-angler, “If I’m gonna catch a biggen today it’s gonna be right here.” And I threw after saying that and as I was reeling my bait back, I was saying to myself, “Eat it. Eat it. Eat it. Come on biggen. Come on biggen.” And about that time, about a 6 pounder ran out and smoked it! It was the first day of that tournament and it anchored my nearly 16 pound sack. Both my co-angler and myself were both like “Oh my god, couldn’t have called that shot any better.

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