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On May 28, 2014
Last modified:May 19, 2016


Freewaters has partnered with Thermarest to make shoes. Yup – camping pads inside a shoe. Very comfortable.






The Freewaters Captain shoes are extremely comfortable. Which is expected because instead of putting one of those uncomfortable soles in the bottom, Freewaters decided to just shove a Thermarest camping pad into them. This may have been one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread. To call them comfortable is an insult. Imagine walking on pancake batter without all the mess and that’s about what it feels like to walk in the Freewaters Captains.

Design and Aesthetics 
When it comes to design, the Freewaters are hard to beat. You can wear them anywhere and with anything. The only down side to these shoes is that there is not much padding anywhere except for in the foot bed. They have great tread and all of the stitching is very tough and built to last. They are also Vegan, meaning they contain no animal materials or by-products.

The Captain is built out of canvas so it is durable yet simple. This simplicity means that there isn’t much to go wrong with these shoes. The minimalist design doesn’t mean that they cut corners though. They are built to last quite a while and they aren’t going to fall apart.

Anytime you can find a pair of shoes as comfortable and durable as the Freewaters Captains for under $70, you know you’ve found a deal. The Freewaters Captains are no exception. They are built well, super comfortable, and they look great. All for 65 bucks.


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