Doggie Needs a New Pair of Shoes: Types of Dog Shoes

dog shoes

We’re not sure if the runways of Paris have featured any new doggie shoe lines from the likes of Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahnik, but there are plenty of styles out there for your pooch. While some are just for those who dress their dogs up, most are for protection from some very real threats to your dog’s sometimes tender paws.

dog shoe1Sneaking Around
Yes there are sneakers available for your dog and some of them look like the Chuck Taylor high tops we all love so well. I’m not sure if there are Michael Jordan’s available, but if not, he sure missed out on a profitable market. An outfit called Pet Life has Extreme Skater Sneakers that are not just for your run-of-the-mill skater but the extreme one at that.


dog shoe5Beach Wear
Top Paw, available at PetSmart has sandals; I kid you not. They are for that beach-loving pup of yours and are called the Top Paw Hard Sole Booties. These babies have a ventilated mesh insert and come in sizes ranging from XX-small to X-large. Pet Life has what they call “Sporty Sandals” that will work for the resort life as well as the beach. Sorry, I’m getting a bit carried away there.


dog shoe3For the Extreme Athlete
A company called Ultra Paws with a motto of “Dog Boots that work,” have boots called Ultra Paws Extreme Kevlar Dog Boots which are lined with generous layers of Kevlar in the sole and front panel to protect from glass, thorns or other sharp objects that may penetrate the boot. The sole has a super-grip material and surface heat is deflected through reflective foil and insulating foam at the base. I wonder if they would whip up a pair for me? These puppies (sorry for the pun) are not only used for hunting but for military and law enforcement K9s as well.


dog shoe2For the Climber has almost everything your dog could need or want, but their boots for climbing are top notch. Their outdoor dog boots come with names like: Grip Trex, Summit Trex, and Polar Trex, the latter of which are engineered for winter weather and to provide warmth and traction on snow and ice. Whether you’re walking the snow covered sidewalk in front of your house, or climbing that 14er you’ve always planned to do, make sure your canine pal has as good of foot protection as you do.


dog shoe4The Flash Dancer
Okay these are actually called leg wraps but they do look suspiciously similar to the leg warmers made popular by Jennifer Beals in the 1983 movie Flashdance. Offered by Ultra Paws among others, leg wraps help keep your dog’s legs warm in really harsh weather and really do help. They are waterproof, snag proof and keep ice balls from forming on your dog’s hairy legs. If you’ve ever played in the snow with your dog you know how covered they can get in snow and ice balls. They can be used with or without boots and though they will keep those legs warm, there is no guarantee they will help with his or her dancing.


dog shoe6Now We’re Styling
I bet you though I was joking about the runways of Paris and style-conscious dogs. Posh Puppy Boutique has whatever your style conscious pup desires. They have sandals, they have sneakers and here’s the biggie: they have UGGS. Okay, they are not labeled or called UGGS but that’s what they look like to me. You can go ahead and tell your dog they are the real thing if it makes her happy. I’m not sure what the laws are on knock-offs in dog shoes, but I say go for it and make her feel special.

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