Kickstarter: November Edition


Surfing through Kickstarter each month is probably one of my favorite parts about working for Gearographer. Getting to search through projects that are currently being developed and learning about all the new technology that we have only dreamed of is definitely a highlight of this job. We love Kickstarter campaigns because they are companies and projects that are funded by people like you and me. These are projects that the normal consumer is passionate enough about that they will help fund and see it through.

We bring you our newest roundup of Kickstarter campaigns that you should definitely check out (and even back) before they end in November!


RateUp – Compact socks made for every indoor and outdoor adventure. (Ends Friday, November 18th)

Weighing a whole 2.3oz, these colorful socks are extremely compact and easy to carry wherever you are headed on your next adventure. A mix between Socks x Rubber grip x Insole, these socks are noted as “Ninja” shoes, but with modern technology added. Excellent breathability, durability and performance. these socks are supposed to be perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. Our favorite part is a test where they measured the contact pressure in 10 different areas on the foot between Rate Up, Barefoot and Sports Shoes and Rate Up provides the barefoot feeling with the proper cushion support. To learn more, check out the links below.

Official Website  |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


Econo – Smart Bottle (Ends Saturday, November 19th)

Econo Bottles apparently saves approximately 228 plastic disposable water bottles within 3 months. You simply fill up the bottle anywhere, shake it to test it and then twist the bottom of the bottle (bottom features a 3-in-1 filtration system that can remove most major contaminants such as pesticides, petrochemical products, bacteria and most heavy metals). It will tell you the quality of the water on the filtration system which you can also take off and wear as a wristband that tracks your hydration needs (intake and alerts you with bad water quality). We definitely want to try this bottle in the near future! Check out the links below to learn more about the Econo Bottles and all their features!

Official Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


Findster Duo – GPS Pet Tracker (Ends Thursday, November 24th)

Regardless of how well-behaved your furry friend is, they all venture off sometimes and nothing breaks our hearts faster than losing them and not being able to find them. Findster Duo is the next generation of GPS pet trackers with state-of-the-art tracking capabilities and NO monthly fees or coverage limits. Yep, you read that right! FREEEE!! Who doesn’t love free? Simply download the app on your smartphone and if your pup stays within a two mile range you don’t need any internet (which is why there is not monthly fees)! You can set up “safety fences” within the app that will send you alerts when your pup wanders too far out of range giving you adequate time to react. There is so much that comes along with this little gadget that simply attaches to your pups collar easily, so make sure you check out the links below to learn more.

Official Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


Leafboard – Electric Skateboard (Ends Saturday, November 5th)

These cute little guys are only 9.7lbs and are considered the lightest freestyle electric skateboard available today. It can reach speeds of up to 19mph and has a single charge range of 11.5 miles. Since this little guy is so small, it is super compact and easy to carry along with you so it’s perfect for short trips and people who commute to school or work! With a 9.5 inch wide deck (the same width as a typical longboard) instead of a traditional deck size, making it super easy to ride. They seem to have researched the needs of skateboarders well in advance in the process of designing the leaf board and we definitely would love to try one of these bad boys out given the opportunity! Click on the links below to find out more about the Leafboard.

Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


AER Video – Throw your GoPro (Ends November 3rd)

We all love GoPro videos and gadgets, however, here’s something a little new that definitely perked up our interest. The AER is compatible with GoPro HERO 3+, 4 and 5 and lets you shoot aerial photos and videos by simply throwing it up in the air. Yep, that’s it! You just toss it up in the air. It’s waterproof, durable and made of safe materials that if it hits you on its way back down, you probably won’t die. We definitely want to try it out and you should definitely check it out in the links below.

Official Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


PhiPAL – This Device Can Save Your Life (Ends December 2nd)

Anyone that has to wear a helmet should check this out! This activity monitor seamlessly mounts on any outdoor sports helmet and provides safety tracking and records a wealth of data for performance analysis and social sharing. Do you ever venture off by yourself in areas that it would be hard to contact help if needed? Here’s your solution. This device automatically detects accidents and sends for help with your direct location when help is needed. To find out more, simply click on the link provided below!

Official Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


Infuse Hydration – Hydration Pack Flavor Infuser (Already ended, but worth checking out)

This is a little different and could be very tasty. Even though this kickstarter has already ended, we thought it might be interesting enough to check out! Apparently it attaches to any hydration pack and custome flavor control is available with the turn of a dial and features a flavor back-flow preventer as well. We all hate having to deal with cleaning our hydration packs when you fill it with something that isn’t water and the flavor will stay for years it feels like. This device allows you to infuse custom flavor into the water flowing from your hydration pack into your mouthpiece and you can switch it back to pure water with the switch of a dial. This would definitely be worth checking out in our opinion. Check out the links below to check it out!

Official Website   |   Facebook Page   |   Kickstarter


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