Review: Photo Sport Sling 100 AW

When function and fashion meet, the result end in the Lowepro Photo Sport AW Series. Photographers can choose from one of two colors, orange and black. The best feature includes the multi-weather function layer and the ability to use the bag year-round and on any terrain.  If you’re not sure if this bag is right for you, read below to discover the features and benefits of the bag.

Photo Sport Sling 100 AW
If searching for a sleek and stylish bag, this is your most optimal choice. This bag is ideal for individuals who carry a basic DSLR and possibly an additional smaller lens. Since the bag slings, photographers can easily load and unload the camera from the side pouch. There is enough room in the bag for a small purse or accessories. The bag also contains a water bottle pouch. The Sport Sling is not perfect for individuals who suffer from neck or shoulder issues. A heavy bag drags down on the shoulder while trekking the trail unknown; choose the bag with both handles. The bag features a weather-protected layer that protects the bag from wet weather. To decide whether this bag is for you, keep reading below.

Style is the number “pro” with this bag. The orange color is perfect for the state-of-the-art and quirky photographer who likes to stick out with a bold and creative statement. For the outdoors, the orange color is ideal for those who trek off the beaten path and features reflective seem linings. As they say, “orange is the new black,” and is certainly an all around awesome color.  The multi-weather protective shield covers the bag making this bag usable in various climates. And this protective sheath is the real deal, it keeps the bag dry. The bag offers plenty of secretive storage space with zippers and pockets located inside, on top and on the side of the bag. Plus, whether you’re a skinny-minny or a bulky dude, the adjustable chest and waist straps just about fit any individual. The bag is perfect for day use, day trips and urban frolicking.

The bag allows for storage, but is not that big. If looking to store multiple layers of clothes this bag is not for you. The bag can store wallet, keys, food, maps, accessories, gloves, hat, and long sleeve t-shirt. Anything thicker and bulkier can be tied around the waist. It is not sizable for backcountry or extreme wilderness expeditions, which require more gear. Another con is that if a person suffers from chronic neck, back or shoulder pain, expect one-strapped bags to aggravate the back. Misaligned spines and uneven shoulders do better with two straps (check out the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW). Depending on how much stuff you carry in the bag, when the weather turns bad, you’ll either have to breakdown your camera or gently place it on top in the main part of the bag.

Star Rating ★★★★
After owning and using this bag for various urban and outdoor trips, I rate the sling bag with a four out of five stars. I’ve used this bag for a combination of nature hiking and urban trekking around Europe. It’s a cool and stylish bag that is translatable for urban and outdoor usage. However, a half-star was deducted for when the weather gets tough, or hot, the bag can not store a sweat shirt or heavy duty items and requires an extra arm. If in use for extra-storage check out the bigger Sport pro bags.  Another half-star was deducted due to the agonizing weight on one shoulder. Although it’s not the bag’s fault, its my mis-aligned spine, but using this bag everyday in Europe (combined with walking 6-10 miles per day) left one side of my body tight, stiff and sore. If I would have known my body would respond this way, I would have purchased the double-handled Photo Sport 200 AW.

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