Noso Puffy Patches: An Interview with Creator, Kelli Jones


Entrepreneurship in the outdoor industry is skyrocketing and women are cashing in with their creativity, vibrant personalities and sick sense of functional fashion. Kelli Jones of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a self-described “Jill of All Trades” talks about her latest venture into product development with her Noso Puffy Patches which are designed to functionally repair your beloved gear without sacrificing your fierce sense of outdoor style.


So Kelli, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your passions and pursuits. When and why did you decide to become an entrepreneur and why did the outdoor industry call to you?

Some call me a ‘Jill of all Trades’, I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum.  This is my 4th company.  I’m a therapist, accountant and now product designer and founder of NOSO Patches. I love exploring the outdoors and it’s hard for me to part with my favorite pieces of gear when they get a tear, hole or gash.  In an effort to extend the lifespan of my favorite pieces, without using tape, I developed NOSO fabric patches in fun colors and cool shapes.


Alright, let’s discuss these ADORABLE and fashion functional NOSO Puffy Patches. When can we get them? What are some of your favorite colors and shapes?

You can get them now on our indiegogo campaign or on our website as well. My favorite is the reflective skull and crossbones, but I love the star, sun and heart too.


Can I use the patches on a variety of items, like my tent, rain jacket or climbing pants? 

Yes, you can use the patches to repair any item with a 15-20 denier nylon ripstop fabric (thin).  Think of the “Puffy” jacket material.  They’re great for tent’s, backpacks, sleeping bags, pants, wind shirts, etc.


I noticed that you seem to have a patch for everyone. Do you have a specific demographic that you’re trying to reach or do you feel that NOSO patches can be used by all ages, by outdoor enthusiasts and homebodies alike?

Yes, NOSO Patches are not only for repair, but you can add a little personality to your clothing as well! My target market is women and children but I feel that anyone can wear NOSO Patches to express themselves.


What’s your favorite article of clothing that you’ve adorned with a NOSO Patch? What sort of adventures have you had in it?

I can’t live without my Fitz Roy down insulated jacket. In Jackson WY, we experience sub temps in the winter.  The Fitz Roy has seen its adventures, I have 3 puffy patches on it (two for repair and one for flare) and it still keeps me warm.  I stuff it into my backcountry ski pack and I wear it when I get to the top of an ascent.  I’ve ski toured the Rocky Mountains and the Alps and when I turn around to get ready to ski down, I throw my puffy jacket on to keep me warm while I drink my hot tea and chocolate snack.


You can help Kelli’s NOSO community grow by liking NOSO’s facebook page or following NOSO on instagram.  #nosopatches #wornwear #puffypatches

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