REVIEW: Carve Designs Capistrano Crushable Hat

Product by:
Carve Designs
Black W. Ribbon

Reviewed by:
On November 15, 2019
Last modified:November 22, 2019


The Capistrano Crushable Hat is the perfect combination between beach-ready and a night on the town. Honestly, I have not experimented much with hats other than ball caps, but Carve designs once again creates a product that is practical, pretty, and that inspires you to be confident in your daily style.

Design/Aesthetics ★★★★★

Carve Designs seems to specialize in creating products that are edgy and confidence-inspiring, while somehow making they equally feminine and lovely. The shape and the style of the Capistrano is sleek and sharp and the overall look of the hat is elegant and fun.

Durability ★★★★★

Despite it’s woven material, this hat is surprisingly sturdy and enduring. Everything is well sewn and well crafted, giving me the confidence that this hat will be around, and in good shape, for a long time.

Functionality ★★★★★

Okay, so we have established that this fedora-esque sun hat is beautiful, stylish, and made to last, but Carves designs threw in a twist. This hat is designed to be packable and crushable into any carry-on, daypack, or travel bag. Unlike most of our hats that are reshaped and dented by wear and tear, Carve Designs anticipated the crazy life that their hat will lead, and they planned accordingly. I feel comfortable taking this hat anywhere, knowing that it is as flexible and ready for adventure as I am.

Value ★★★★

At $38, this hat is right around average for this style of hat made by brands other than chain stores. However, not many other hats are as ready to face your daily adventures with you as the Capistrano. This hat is multi-functional, durable, and pretty. It’s not every day that you can find so many great qualities in one hat.


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