Review: Anon Optics’ Women’s Galena

Purple, black, and white

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On November 14, 2014
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The Anon Women's Galena helmet is worth every penny for powder hounds and die-hard weekend warriors, thanks to its active ventilation and durable Hybrid 50/50 shell construction.



Anon is known for turning out stylish, fashion functional gear that will last many seasons and ensure that you ride safely. Their Galena helmet is no except with its active ventilation, removable liner, and overall light weight frame that keeps your dome in one piece without seeming bulky.

Functionality ★★★
This helmet functions simplistically and forgoes any bells and whistles for elegant usefulness. From the vents to the removable fleece liner, the Galena is made to keep you comfortable and safe, while still allowing you to look fashionable and sleek.

A feature no snow junky should live with out, the Galena offers “customizable helmet hit”, in other words, it’s got the little twisty dial in the back that allows you to adjust the size.

Finally, Anon partnered with Fidlock to create their easily-to-remove fastener on the Galena’s chinstrap, which can be unlocked with one hand incase the other is holding your poles or a tasty beverage.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
Known as “active ventilation” the Galena’s sliding ventilation system allows you to adjust your air flow. Perfect for blue bird days when the sun is beating down or, conversely, on blistering cold mornings when you need all the heat you can get; the option to vent or not to vent is invaluable on the slopes.

Adding to the versatility, a plush fleece liner keeps heat in but can be taken out on warmer days or if you prefer to use your own favorite beanie.

Available in three colors: purple, minimod (off-white), and black and rocking a subtle visor, this helmet is has an understated look that won’t detract from more vibrant or funky ski accessories or gear.

Durability ★★★
Utilizing two hardcore helmet constructions, Endura-Shell and In-Mold, the Galena is a Hybrid 50/50 construction, which ensures that it will stand up to many seasons and, if fate should have it, falls. However, lightweight materials make for a pleasant fit and avoid a cumbersome feel.

The vents, liners, and BOA adjustable dial are built to last but, as is the case with any piece of gear, these smaller bits can break. It’s easy to avoid issues by keeping your helmet clean, dry, and properly stored in the off-season.

Value ★★★
This helmet is worth its value of $159.95 if, and only if, you plan to ski consistently. If you’re a 2-3 day a year person, renting your gear or purchasing a cheaper model is the way to go. However, for powder hounds and weekend warriors, this minor investment will pay off in spades.  Many helmets hitting the $100 mark will give you adjustability and removable liners, but shelling out a bit more for the active ventilation will keep you comfortable all season long.


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