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The KnappSack by Buck Products is overall a very stylish and practical bag. Roll it all the way down and hook it closed and you’re set to carry just the essentials. Stuff it full and extend the over-strap closure to really max it out. If you want quick access, stuff the top into the bag and hook it closed and you’re suddenly carrying around a gear bucket. The KnappSack has a laptop carrying slot inside against the back panel of the bag, there’s also a small zippered pocket on the panel to keep small things from falling to the bottom. The straps are curved and made of a thick foam so the KnappSack is comfortable even with a heavy load. The bag also come complete with a removable sternum strap to stabilize those unruly loads.

Design and Aesthetic
The KnappSack is offered in a variety of colors, you can get it as a solid color or a combination of a few different colors (If you like to live life on the edge).

The KnappSack is aesthetically very pleasing, its simple and doesn’t ask for attention but its so minimal and clean looking that it stands out.

The outside pocket is velcro and is the perfect place to store things for fast entry but be prepared to make some noise if you’re in a quiet place. I learned the hard way that opening the velcro pocket of a KnappSack + being in a library = dirty looks from everyone. I must say that the top of the bag is very convenient for days you have loads of gear to haul around as well as the day you don’t have anything but still want to look cool and use your $150 KnappSack.

The KnappSack is also available in a mini version in case you’re looking for something a little smaller.

The KnappSack is very durable, I’ve been carrying mine around everywhere for 4 months now and it hasn’t even gotten a scratch or snag (in fact it looks the same as the day I got it). The outside of the bag is made with 1000D Cordura, a tough yet flexible fabric that is built to last. This bag is reliable and for those of you that are passionate about American made products, you’ll be happy to know that all the materials used to make the KnappSack are sourced in the USA and the bags are cut, bundled, sewn and shipped out of Montana.

At $150 the Buck Products KnappSack is quite pricey but its made in the USA and its just a unique product.   If you’re one of those people that prefers buying quality over quantity then the KnappSack is right for you.

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