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On January 26, 2015
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Although pretty funky looking, Simms has created the new G4 BOA Boot that excels in both durability and comfort.

A good pair of boots can make for a great day on the water or a terrible experience. Although pretty funky looking, Simms has created the new G4 BOA Boot that excels in both durability and comfort.

Functionality ★★★★★
Simms did several new things to this boot enhancing the function of them and in turn making it easier for us anglers to enjoy a day on the water. The new BOA system makes getting your boots on and off a breeze allowing for more time on the water. It also allows for an improved comfort and personal fit.

They also tweaked the Rivertread sole by minimizing rigid materials allowing you to feel and adapt to an ever-changing underfoot environment. In addition, Vibram Idrogrip outsoles provide great grip across slick underwater obstacles via multi-directional lugs and of course it is compatible to both Simms Alumibite and Hardbite cleats and studs.

For comfort, they lined the boot with a neoprene skin and cushioned in all the spots where you need it most but with an ultra-smooth finish allowing you to slide you feet in and out easily.

Durability ★★★★
Durability is everything on the water. You can be worried if your gear is going to be able to keep up with you in the field, and these boots are about as tough as they come. Simms uses a waterproof PU-coated leather and a TPU-coated textile for maximum abrasion-resistance. The location of the leather is in all of the right places where most others begin to come apart and the textile in the places where a less durable material is ok cuts down on the overall weight. To simplify is the hardest thing to do and Simms has done that in a very successful way.

While the boa system excels in just about all other features, they lack in backbone. Personally I trust standard laces more than this system in this respect because they can be slightly complicated to replace and you can’t jerry rig them, if need be on the river, like you can laces.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
At first the appearance was quite strange to me but they grow on you, and to be honest it’s not like the trout mind if they are a little out there.

When you begin to break the boot apart though the design really begins to show. It’s aways a pain at the begin and end of the day to have to tie more knots with your laces, Simms saw this and did away with them completely. The BOA system allows for and almost scary in-and-out system. Twist the knob to tighten the boot to your preferred fit and when you’re done fishing for the day just push the button and pull straight out and your ready to step out of them. The asymmetrical Boa system in this boot is different than the others, delivering an articulated, secure fit over and across the instep.

Value ★★★★
The price is a little steep for a pair of boots but what isn’t these days, and I truly believe you get what you pay for in this boot. They are going to outlast most other boots on the market with it’s highly enforces materials and simplicity in design allowing for fewer parts to fail. While the Boa system is highly innovative, it is the only reason this boot did not receive another star. It’s only a matter of time before you break the wire and then you have to spend more time and money on a G4 Boa replacement kit. Despite this though, I think Simms did a pretty good job and made another solid pair of boots.

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