Review: Hiplok Lite


Functionality ★★★
As a cyclist, I worry every time I leave my bike somewhere because I don’t want to have to carry a heavy, clunky bike lock when I ride. The good people at Hiplok have made it easy and convenient to carry a bike lock with me and not have to dig in my pack to find it. They did this by mounting the lock to something that everyone always has with them: their hips. This means the lock is easily accessible and they even managed to make it comfortable so you can wear it on longer rides. When you get to your destination, you undo the velcro and lock your bike up just like a normal bike lock.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The Hiplok Lite comes in six different colors and the outer sleeve is made out of 600d which is extremely durable. Although it is comfortable while riding, it could benifit from losing a bit of weight. A hardened steel chain around your waist can get annoying after a while. People will definitely notice the Hiplok when they see it around your waist, and it’s always fun to see people’s reaction when you tell them that it’s your bike lock.

Durability ★★
The chain inside of the Hiplok is made of 6mm hardened steel, so even if the potential bike thief has a grinder, it will still take him quite a while to get through this lock. There isn’t a lot to say from a durability standpoint—this lock is built to go through anything you can throw at it even if you decide to throw the lock itself, it won’t hurt it.

Value ★★
For a little over 70 bucks, this lock is a great deal. You can wear it while your riding and lock your bike up when you get to your destination. It is well built and it makes me feel much more at ease when I leave my bike places to have this lock on it. If you think about it, it’s much easier to pay $73.72 for this lock than having to buy a new bike.

Hiplok LITE Rider

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