Review: K2 Superstitious 84 Skis

Rockered, all-terrain, Big Mountain Ladies skis:
Michael Ryan
Green, Blue and Purple

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On May 2, 2014
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Great all-terrain, Big Mountain skis for everything from powder to crud

The new K2 Superstitious is classified as a woman’s’ ski. So, The Wife is giving me her input, not only because she’s the one using them, but because I’ve only seen them perform from behind. She flat out flies on these boards and is very pleased with them. Me? Not so much.

Differing Opinions
Since K2 has been her favorite brand for years, I keep hoping they will come up with some boards that will slow her down. Not only do my muscles ache from chasing her all over the mountain, but my pride is injured as well. With these All-terrain rockers she floats through powder, yet the progressive side-cut helps her carve on crust as well. Did I mention they look great from behind?

Rockers for Everyone
Rocker technology is the newest change in skis and has helped all of us who have had trouble with deep powder skiing. The Superstitious 84s are slightly rockered at the tip providing increased performance on variable terrain as well as in, or should I say on top of, deep powder.

Tech Stuff 
They have a Progressive Side cut, AT Rox Technology, MOD Technology, a Bioflex3 core and Carbon Web. I don’t know about you but this means absolutely nothing to me, but they are pretty.

Did I mention they look great from behind? She really does flat out fly on these things, though they are a bit unstable in a high speed tuck. These skis do lift you right up in the powder and they perform pretty well in the bumps. Though maybe not the perfect bump ski (I finally caught up to her in the bumps yesterday) they do a good job and are way more responsive then maybe she expected. They do chatter and wobble a bit on high speed cruisers which is actually a good thing since this is my only chance to take the lead.

The Superstitious 84 comes in sizes of 146,153,160,167cms, with the 160cm being the ski we’re reviewing. They come with an integrated Marker ERC 11TC binding and a suggested retail list price of $899.95 or without the binding for $679.95.

The rockered tip on the Superstitious 84s is a great addition to their all-mountain skis. These boards are good all-terrain and big mountain skis meaning they will take you just about anywhere. They carve on the ice and float over the powder in fine form. They do get unstable and wobbly at times but then again, don’t we all. The Wife has owned a pair of K2 Lotta Luvs and before that a model from the K2 Misbehaved line and she feels they have stepped up their performance every time; she just wishes the same could be said of me.

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