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Velocity Clip

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On February 21, 2014
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If cash is standing in your way from capturing all those gnarly POV shots, this Velocityclip is the way to go.

Many of us have questioned the ridiculously high cost of a POV (point of view) sport cameras. There’s a lot of great ones out there including the darling of POVs, the GoPro Hero 3+ Black, but it begs the question of if these systems are even necessary.

Velocity Clip has created a $40 alternative that enables you to use your smart phone as a POV camera. Over the past few days I have put this simple, yet effective, product through its paces.

Functionality ★★★
This product has a few optional mounts such as a suction cup and helmet mount and is compatible with all of the GoPro mounting products. In short, the mounting possibilities are endless. The clip is about the most simple piece of video equipment I have ever used. One screw to secure the device and another one to adjust the tilt. There really is not a whole lot to go wrong in terms of use.

Perhaps the most interesting note on functionality to make here is the fact that you’re essentially turning your phone into a POV camera. Phones have zoom, aperture/shooting settings, and most significantly, a viewfinder. Most POV’s don’t have those kinds of options built in. Generally speaking, a brand new smart phone has more power and functionality than even the highest end POV cameras.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
There seems to be a cool factor (or uncool factor depending on who you are) by strapping a GoPro to your head. This device, while infinitely more practical than an additional $400 POV camera, just doesn’t have that same cool factor. While it’s constructed with all high end materials durable materials (see below), at the end of the day, it’s still a piece of plastic that holds your phone while you romp around. The red and black do ok but for design, we’re going to have to say the POV cams out there are sexier. 

Construction ★★★
The main construction of the clip is a high density thermoplastic constructed in three main parts. The base mount of the clip is completely compatible with the GoPro mounting system. The main body that connects to the base by way of a tooth locking pivot system that holds the vise part of the unit. I was impressed with the locking mechanism that holds the phone. The lock consists of a bolt attached to a plastic knob that threads into a metal nut that then locks onto a metal rail which would be difficult to strip out. The vise “teeth” are a very thick rubber in a “V” shape that do a remarkably good job of holding the phone steady. Overall, I could not find much of anything that I would change when it comes to the construction.

Price vs. Competitors ★★★
The standard VelocityClip will set you back around $40. You’ll also need a heavy duty phone case if you’re planning on taking this mountain biking, skiing, etc, which adds another $20-50 depending on which case you go with.

Other comparable items would be products such as the Clingo that enables you to mount your phone to the inside of your car. The Clingo retails for $34.99. Both of these products virtually do the same thing, hold your phone so you don’t have to, but approach two different markets. If you were going to mount your phone in your car or on the dash of your boat I would say don’t buy the Velocityclip – it’s too expensive and there are way cheaper options. On the other hand, if you’re an outdoor junkie and are pleased with the quality of the camera on your, phone, definitely get this.

Personally, I would never buy another HD video camera when I’ve already paid hundreds of dollars for one on my cellphone. If cash is standing in your way from capturing those POV shots, this Velocityclip is the way to go.

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