Review: Keen’s Bern Baby Bern Boots

Brown, Black, Gray

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On September 15, 2014
Last modified:September 12, 2014


Functionality ★★★
The beauty behind these fashionable boots is that, once broken in, they make fairly water-tight and warm camping and light trail boots. Mind you, you’re not gonna be going up any 14ers in these things but, if you’re just out for a quick ramble in the woods and you’re sticking to easy-moderate terrain, this boot will get the job done. Granted, most will purchase them for their looks, so keep in mind that hiking in them will earn you some scratches. This boot’s PU outsole is grippy on dry surfaces and can get the job done, carefully, on wet surfaces. Playing on ice or in deep snow, however, is not recommended. Finally, this boot can perform on rainy or slushy days, but should always been wiped dry after use.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★★★
This is a sharp boot and gives its wearer a polished yet rustic look. It is available in three colors; the grayish Gargoyle, Black, and earthy Oak. Breathable mesh around the calves allows for flexibility while the leather upper lining and toe offer some protection from the elements. Breaking in this book does take some time but, once accomplished, the boot becomes supple and extremely comfortable to wear. Keen’s CUSH footbed is a combination of recycled materials, cork, and memory foam that literally contours to the specific shape of your foot, providing comfort and stability for all of your journeys.

Durability ★★★★
If properly maintained, these boots are very durable and, though Keen specifically does not recommend getting these boots too wet, they seem to withstand water and winter slush quite well, provided they are left out to air dry after being wiped down. Using a leather cleaner and conditioner is recommended by Keen and will assist with keeping the leather supple. The “non-marking” PU outsole is made to withstand the elements and, once again, if kept clean and dry after use, will last years. Keeping these boots out of the sun will also preserve the integrity of the leather as well as its coloring.

Value ★★★★★
These boots will cost you $175 and they are well-worth your money due to their versatility and eye-catching aesthetics. Furthermore, caring for the leather of these boots is simple, so regular maintenance ensures that they will stay looking sharp for many years. Because they can be worn fashionably with tights, skinny jeans, and wide-leg jeans, they are perfect for dressing up an outfit but can be worn casually under light hiking pants.

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