Rocking a Hammock: Consider Hennessy

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Do you always tote a tent along camping with you? Depending on what type of trip you are planning, you might be able to dispense with the poles and additional weight of a tent in favour of a hammock.

You won’t have to deal with uneven, uncomfortable ground for sleeping, water draining beneath your tent or hands and knees crawling in and out. The set-up is easier than a traditional tent. All you need is two solid objects, like trees, fence posts, or vehicles and a few quick minutes of knot tying and your home away from home is ready.

These Hammocks are great for lazy days at the beach and more serious ventures too. They provide shelter from the sun, wind, precipitation and bugs; are very comfortable to sleep in, are more straightforward to set up and take down than a tent; can arguably be used in a greater diversity of camping spots and they are lighter than a normal tent.

Tom Hennessy is an industrial designer who lives on Galiano Island off of the West Coast of Vancouver. He got the idea from Hammocks that the army used. Tom wanted to make a more spacious and comfortable hammock with better airflow. He put the Hammocks to market in May of 1999 after making 50-some prototypes of the design—people interested in practical hammocks for sleeping and relaxing in have been enjoying this product ever since. Hennessy Hammock makes eleven different models of hammock which can be outfitted with accessories like insulation, lights and easy packing tools.

Right shelter for the trip
When you planning a trip, consider the terrain, weather, and exposure. Are you heading to the beach to party and camp out under the stars for one night with a clear weather forecast? Maybe just take a normal hammock and sling it up between two trees. Heading on an expedition to the Arctic? Probably best to pack a very sturdy dome tent.

Consider everything in-between these two extremes as Hammock territory. This versatile tool is good to go somewhere hot or for three season in the equatorial regions (perhaps four if you add insulation like a foam pad or between yourself and the bottom of the hammock).

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