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On May 7, 2021
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Buying hiking boots has often felt like bait-and-switch for me. Comfortable and "100 percent waterproof" in the store, but a very different experience on the trail. Not so with the Kodiak Skogan Hikers.

I don’t enjoy shopping for hiking boots.

I try them on, they feel good. Then I go for an actual hike and all the flaws come screaming out. Hot spots, sweaty feet, pinching, rubbing, blisters. I’ve had this experience multiple times from some of the most recognizable hiking boot brands in the world. Which is why I was so happy to stumble upon the Kodiak Skogan Hikers. They are without exaggeration the best hiking boots I’ve ever worn.

Because I live in Washington State I need a boot that’s suitable for rainy, Western Washington hikes but also doesn’t cook my feet like an air fryer when I head east into the canyonlands.

Comfort & Performance (5) ★★★★★

It was a hot, dry day and the Skogans performed impeccably. No rubbing, no pinching right out of the box. And despite being waterproof, they didn’t overheat. If you hike exclusively in a dry climate I’m sure you’ll want to find a maximally breathable non-waterproof boot, but if you do both wet & dry like I do, the Skogans hit the sweet spot.

Waterproofing (5) ★★★★★ 

I had to test the waterproofing. Every brand has either Gore-Tex or their own proprietary waterproofing layer. These layers may be waterproof, but not if the stitching messes it up and allows moisture to leak in at the seams, which I’ve experienced multiple times with “100% waterproof” boots. So how did the Skogans perform? Perfectly. I completely submerged them in the Columbia River with no leaks whatsoever.

Support (4) ★★★★

The mid-rise hikers I’ve owned in the past haven’t done much to prevent twisted ankles or keep out debris. They just don’t lace in around the ankle snugly enough to keep things out or provide much ankle support. The Kodiak Skogans on the other hand do so nicely without feeling restrictive at all. That said, these are light-weight hikers with an athletic feel to them. They’ve got great shielding from rocks below, but they aren’t your super-structured ankle locking boots.

Eco-Impact (5) ★★★★★

The last piece that drew me to these boots was their use of recycled materials. Everyone knows shoes and clothing have a high environmental impact. The best thing we can do to cut down on this is to buy products that are built to last and are made from recycled materials. The Kodiak Skogans hit both marks. Kodiak has been making long-lasting boots since 1910 and this model is fully eco-considered utilizing Low Impact to the Environment leathers (LITE) and recycled textiles in the laces, liners and upper mesh fabric.

All in all, I love this boot. It looks great, performs great and doesn’t blast a hole in the environment.

P.S. After having such a good experience with Kodiak’s boots, I decided to check out some of their casual shoes as well. I got a pair of the Kodiak Arklan Sneakers and I absolutely love them. Incredibly comfortable and beautifully designed. I love the attention to detail. With the white leather, red accent stitching and supple brown leather on the heel, it’s almost like they were designed to be the official shoe of summer baseball.

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