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On January 6, 2016
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The Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack is a high quality pack that will last a long time. Unfortunately, that quality comes with a high price.

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Functionality ★★★★
I’ve been looking for a decent bike bag for a while. I wanted something that would keep my stuff dry but I also wanted it to be comfortable and I didn’t want it too look like a bindle made out of a thick shower curtain. I believe the search may finally be over. The Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack fills that exact niche. A lot of waterproof bags are difficult to get into and you have to untwist them, but not the Sanction.

All you have to do is lift up on the Arkiv closures on the front and pull the flap up and you’re done. One of my favorite features of this bag is how massive all of the pockets are. There is a pocket on the front that appears to be rather small but it can easily hold two or three 32 oz. water bottles. Mission Workshop has a patented Arkiv system that is a sort of cross between MOLLE and Picatinny rails. It makes it possible to outfit the shoulder straps with accessories from Mission Workshop.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★★
All of the products from Mission Workshop are made in America and are built to a ridiculously high standard. The shoulder straps are wide and very well padded which means the bag is comfortable even on the longest rides. When I first got the bag, I didn’t know what to think about the Arkiv system on the front of the bag, but as I used it more, it made more sense. It’s a very simple and easy to use system and there aren’t any moving parts to break or wear out. Mission Workshop doesn’t just use the Arkiv system to hold the bag closed, it’s also used to add more pockets and storage to the bag. You can add everything from a waist belt to a waterproof cell phone holder.

When it comes to  aesthetics, I’m usually not big on things that are camo, but this bag does it right. It’s subtle but gives it some character. The inside of the bag is lined with a bright orange ripstop nylon which makes finding things inside of the bag quick and easy.

Durability ★★★★
The exterior of the Sanction is made out of Cordura fabric which is renowned for its strength and durability. This bag will take anything you can throw at it. I took a pretty good spill while I was wearing it one day and there isn’t so much as a scuff on it. If you do somehow manage to mangle the bag, Mission Workshop covers it with a lifetime warranty. The interior of the bag is constructed with a waterproof, ripstop nylon so it’ll keep everything you put in the bag safe and dry. Mission Workshop takes great care in building each bag and you can definitely tell they want to create a product that is designed to last.

Value ★★★
Unfortunately, the extremely high build quality and obsession with detail comes with a price. The Sanction comes in at around $300 which is a lot to pay for a backpack. Yes the bag is great and has many unique features, but I’m not quite sure I would be willing to shell out $300 for it. That kind of money usually gets you a pretty nice technical backpack and this pack is definitely not that.

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