Review: Mountain Hardwear Women’s Sultana Pant

Product by Mountain Hardwear:
Erica Edmond
Shark, Shark/White, Black

Reviewed by:
On October 16, 2014
Last modified:May 19, 2016


Finally, a women's technical pant that is both incredibly functional and looks great. Crazy simple design and stretch comparable to your favorite yoga pants.


Functionality ★★★
I swear these are just as stretchy as yoga pants.  But they are incredibly substantial.  The design is nice and simple without a lot of bells and whistles.  There are no back pockets but the front zip pockets are conveniently placed and out of your way.  The comfort level of these pants is top notch–a fantastic choice for climbing, biking, hiking, camping or bee-bopping around town.  There is a belt loop around the top which is ideal for clipping things to or wearing a belt should that suit your fancy. The pant is marketed as a multi-purpose active pant and that is exactly what it is.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★
The simplicity of these pants paired with the fit makes them a step above any other technical pants I’ve tried on.  The silhouette isn’t baggy or shapeless like you may find some women’s hiking pants to be.  Women’s bodies are shaped like women’s bodies.  No need to hide them behind mounds of unnecessary fabric. The colors are versatile and come in shark (gray) with pink details, shark with white details, and black.

Durability ★★★
Let’s just say that I have definitely beat up these pants.  They were the first pair of technical pants I purchased.  As a newer climber, I always climbed in my go-to yoga pants that I used for pretty much every outdoor activity.  It took me a trip to Smith Rock in Oregon in the spring when it was still pretty darn cold to realize I needed something a little more substantial.  Once I purchased these bad boys, I took them on hikes all summer from Alaska to Tuolumne Meadows.  I went crack and face climbing in them, roughing them up against a multitude of surfaces. They are made from a double weave twill of nylon and elastane and despite all their abuse, they still look new. I am not sure how that is possible, but these are very abrasion-resistant.

Value ★★★
The price of these pants is pretty steep.  At $150, I definitely put a lot of research into them as well as other similar pants from competing brands.  I’m a firm believer that along with price (most of the time) comes quality. These pants are no exception.  Having these for six months and using them constantly, they have definitely repaid themselves in outdoor adventuring satisfaction and comfort. Plus, they make you look like a badass.  $150 well spent!


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