Review: Bolle Everglades model no. 11790

Jo Ostgarden
Metallic Matte Brown Frames/Polarized Sandstone Lenses

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On November 26, 2014
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The TLDR Version: Bollé has been making sunglasses for a century with its manufacturing and design effort fixed squarely on active lifestyle aesthetics. This model’s highly adaptable fit and unisex look, makes it ideal for men and women who live an active life and want performance eyewear that does double duty as casual wear.

arwgFunctionality ★★★★
Bollé has long been a leader in functional, fair-priced eyewear, featuring stylish aesthetics and premium technologies. The Everglades model exemplifies this tradition: The frame is designed with a 60mm eye size, 17mm bridge size and 130mm temple length, making it idea for average to small faces (eye sizes don’t need to be exact, but temple and bridge size are critical measures for a good fit). You get a lot of premium technology for the price.

I was looking for a pair of sunglasses built with metal frames. I have several built with acetate and Grilamid frames, but they tend to slide off my nose under hot humid conditions. I like the nosepieces on metal frames as they tend to do a better job securing the frames to my head without putting undue pressure on my noggin. I wear tested these sunglasses in a variety of conditions (running in foggy Cascade weather, cycling and hiking in high sun), and proved their mettle. Not only were the frames comfortable, but also provided excellent coverage with no light leak at the brow or sides, and never felt uncomfortable after long hours hugging the skull under a hat or helmet, or led to eye fatigue after long hours of driving.

Design and Aesthetics
The polarized polycarbornate lenses are made with photochromic technology embedded into the lens at a molecular level—automatically lightening and darkening according to the conditions, while protecting your eyes from the full range of harmful UV rays. They’re also built with coatings that reduce glare and improve contrast, prevent fog in nearly every condition (actually reactivated when lenses get wet) and thwart water, oil and grim. In addition to being lightweight and optically precise, an armor shell treatment on both sides of the lenses protects against scratches. They’re also RX compatible. Bollé’s patented Sport Optical System makes it easy to insert prescription adapter lenses securely into the frames.

This frame style/shape (rounded frame edges with a slight 8 base wrap) has become a classic look—as handsome on men as they’re flattering on women no matter the face shape (oval, round, heart, square).

Durability ★★★★
Constructed of Monel,™ (a copper and nickel alloy that offers unparalleled sturdiness and rigidity), the Everglades’ frame is strong and holds its shape well. (Side note: Ironically, when Monel is exposed to saltwater it can be susceptible to surface discoloration and pitting.) The no-glare lenses coating not only improves optical sharpness and clarity, but also makes it easier to keep your lenses clean and makes them more scratch resistant than glass. The Carbo Glas® coating enhances lens’ durability and impact resistance.

Spring hinges help keep the frames well balance and adjusted, reducing the need for subsequent adjustments.

Value ★★★★★
Most active people need a couple of pairs of sunglasses to suit their active lives, including shades for casual wear and sport specific use. And while the Bollé brand has a fair-price aesthetic for sure, the quality is as fine as any Serengeti, Smith or Maui Jim sunglasses you can find. This model is particular adaptable to use for both low-impact sports as well as casual wear, so buying a pair of Everglades might actually save you some money and, if you’re like me, give you one last thing to keep track of.

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