Wireless Tech That Can Improve Your Workout

Technology continues to have a profound impact on nearly every aspect of our lives, keeping us more connected, organized, and informed than ever before. Now, that same technology is also helping us to be healthier too, with a host of new wireless gadgets specifically designed to improve our workouts and performance over time.

Smart Heart Rate MonitorsRunners and cyclists often use a heart rate monitor to measure their performance during workouts, and to ensure that they are achieving their optimal levels of fitness. The technology has been around for a long time, but recent advances have made these devices smarter than ever, and given them the ability to connect with a smartphone to quickly and easily share data too. The Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitor is a good example of this type of device in a traditional form, while the Jabra Sport Pulse is a set of wireless earbuds that feature an integrated heart rate monitor as well.

Fitness Focused WatchesSmartwatches may be all the rage at the moment, but very few of them are actually fitness focused. Thats why the Echo from Magellan is such a compelling product, as it is capable of recording the details of your workout, and then wirelessly feeding that data to your favorite fitness app, such as Strava, RunKepper, or MapMyRide. The watch is capable of tracking speed, distance, heart rate, and other important information, which can then be stored for tracking performance improvements over time. The Echo is even capable of playing or pausing your music at the simple touch of a button, which can come in handy during a workout too.

Smart CyclingCycling computers have been essential gear for the serious rider for years, with many of the devices integrating GPS capabilities, heart rate monitor integration, performance tracking, and more. But CatEye has built the new Strada Smart to connect with a smartphone and feed data directly to their own proprietary app. The system is capable of tracking speed, cadence, and power, while also alerting cyclists to incoming phone calls and email messages. Ride data is tracked throughout, and can be uploaded to a variety of training sites with the simple touch of a button. Bluetooth technology allows your smartphone to stay safely tucked away, while the sensors on your bike transfer all of the important data.

The Ubiquitous Activity TrackerOne of the fastest growing trends in fitness over the past year has been the use of activity trackers such as the Fitbit Flex or the Jawbone Up . These simple bracelets also wirelessly connect to your smartphone, and keep close track of your activity throughout the day. They’ll count the number of steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, and even how restful your sleep was the night before. They can remind you when its time to workout, and even gently wake you up in the morning to get you on your way. These types of activity trackers can help you set fitness goals that you’d like to achieve, and track your progress towards those goals over time.

Each of these wireless devices can help improve your level of fitness and perform at a higher level in your favorite outdoor activity. They can make working out fun by helping to chart your progress over time, and show you how much you’ve improved along the way. That is a key element to staying focused and motivated in your training, and the combination of these devices, along with a smartphone, are quickly becoming essential tools for athletes of all levels.

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