Review: Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GoreTex Women’s Hiking Boots


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On October 27, 2015
Last modified:August 22, 2018


Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GoreTex Women's hiking boots are a solid go-to, all-purpose boot for hitting the trails -- and the value can't be beat.


I picked these boots up to get me through a five month trip consisting of hiking, backpacking, car camping, backcountry camping and even horseback riding, and I was blown away by how such a clean-looking, no-frills, inexpensive boot performed.

Rocky scrambles, muddy trails, sandy beaches—these boots were exposed to an incredible variety of terrain and some serious mileage, and they always managed to come out on top.

These lightweight hiking boots are anything but bulky, making them ideal for those who like to be quick on their feet and want support without feeling like they’re wearing bricks. But don’t think you’re sacrificing on support by going lightweight. These mid-height boots offer just enough ankle support to keep you steady without limiting your range of motion.

The X Ultra Hiking boots are classified as Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort Wear, but I found that they still managed to get damp when I slogged through soggy tall grasses. The protective mud guard, however, did an awesome job at keeping gunk on the outside, not the inside.


Design and Aesthetic 
The X Ultra Hiking boot’s design is subtle, but well thought out. The beauty lies in the features that you can’t see, like the gusseted tongue that keeps pebbles and other stuff from creeping into your shoe, or the OrthoLite® sockliner that keeps your feet comfy and cushioned.

From an aesthetic point of view, the shoes are stylish and sporty looking. The boots are mainly black and grey, though you can choose between accent colors (dusty blue, pink or lime) for a little pizzazz.

Here’s a true testament to how well designed these boots are: I bought them brand new and immediately took them out for a 12.5 mile hike without breaking them in—a cardinal sin of hiking boots—and didn’t get a single blister.


After five months of serious wear and tear, these boots are still basically as good as new.

I haven’t gone out of my way to clean them, but you’d still never know I’ve taken them out on hikes through thick, nasty mud (these photos are all “after” photos, believe it or not). Plus, they’re just as comfortable as they were at the beginning, with no signs of loosening, breaking down or otherwise failing to do what they’re supposed to do.

When you’re picking up a pair of hiking boots, you might encounter some serious sticker shock, but this pair rings in at only $160, a relative steal.

I’ll admit that I wondered if the relatively low price point meant I was sacrificing something versus more expensive boots, but unless you’re doing some serious mountaineering, the X Ultra Hiking boot has everything you’ll need.

This is a situation where more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, so enjoy the savings and splurge on something else!


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