Review: Caravan SB 100 Skis

caravanskis copyThe Caravan tent at the SIA Demo Days at Copper Mountain was set away from the big area of manufacturers’ spaces and located with just a couple other tents over by the lift. With what we’ve seen of his skis, it might not be long before owner Zeph Hallowell and his Caravan Skis of Bozeman, Montana gets moved to the big boy area.

Caravan offers other models but my choice was the SB 110. This is a big, hardy ski and looks like it means business. It did not disappoint. As mentioned this ski has some weight to it and it is a bit heavy to throw around in the bumps. The 110 waist is a bit hefty for some but in powder it really helps lift you up. The trade-off with the heavier weight is the stability and control it affords. I pounded through blues and blacks with equal authority and never felt shaky or wobbly at all. At high speeds there wasn’t so much as one quiver or rattle, the ride was strong, steady and secure no matter how fast I went. Speaking of fast the SB 110 just flat out flies.

Design and Aesthetics

The SB 110 has a meaty 110mm waist that will keep you on top and in control in deep powder or on the crud as well. Made with a Maple/Basswood core these puppies have some weight to them but that is an advantage in most circumstances. They come with 2.3MM edges, which help dig in for control. Caravan offers several lines including their Artist series with beautiful graphics on board. The SB 100s I skied on came in a length of 183 cm with the aforementioned 110 mm waist. They also offer a shorter ski coming in at 176 and a longer one at 190 cm. They come with a Brown earth-tone graphic that fits the sturdy performance of the boards.

This board is well built and should last through anything you can give it. The Maple/Basswood core is solid and stable and should handle anything you can throw at it as well. Caravan owner Zeph Hallowell did mention he is considering offering Tyrolia Bindings on his skis next year which would make for a quality package.


At a MSRP of $629 this ski is well worth the money. It is a well- made and well thought out product and the money you spend will bring good returns on all your turns.

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Michael Ryan

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