REVIEW: Seidio DILEX LUX Holster Case

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iPhone X & 11

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On September 27, 2019
Last modified:September 27, 2019


Ease of access is one of the most essential aspects of almost any product in the world today. Seidio achieved this well and succeeded in many other categories as well. Their new DILEX LUX case for the iPhone 11 is sleek yet supportive and is incredibly easy to maneuver.

The case was seemingly basic to me when I first received it. When I began to mess around with it, and by that, I mean being a complete child and clipping it to everything I could, I was amazed at the qualities I began to notice.

Design/Aesthetics ★★★★★ 

It was clear that a sleek design was taken into account in the production of this case. I’m not the type of person to use a belt clip case; however, as I used the product, I started to enjoy the ability to snap the phone onto any object I could get my hands on. I clipped it to my backpack, the handlebar of my bike, and my microwave. I was clip-happy and even able to snap it onto my steering wheel at an angle that kept it straight for a makeshift phone stand. As for the sleek design, it is a thin black case that demotes the typical view of a safe case needing to be extremely thick. The simple designs create an easy to use and eye-pleasing case.

Durability ★★★★ 

I am an extremely clumsy person. I trip over my own feet and drop my phone all the time! So, naturally, I dropped this case as well. Walking into work one day, I was throwing my backpack over my shoulder. I was juggling the case and my water bottle at the same time when it just slipped from my hands. The case hit the parking lot cement, and to my surprise, it didn’t crack or chip at all. This was surprising to me since the material was thin and cases like this don’t typically hold up very well for me. Most of my cases get deep scratches and chips after one or two drops. Although this case did receive a few minor scuffs on the edges after quite a few similar falls, it performed a lot better than one I have had in the past. Overall I was impressed with its ability to stay relatively the same without major blemishes or breaks.

Functionality ★★★★

This case was incredibly easy to use! The top piece has a spring that is easy to pull and doesn’t snap back onto the phone harshly. The felt-lined interior also helped me use the case because I wasn’t as worried about scratching the phone or any weird scraping noises. Its lightweight self is easy to transport and doesn’t add much extra weight to the phone. Then, the belt clip on the back was easy to rotate to my liking and was an easy clip to press and maneuver. The clip even had a small amount of room to rotate at the slightest angle without shifting completely to the next notch. The only reason the rating is 4 instead of 5 is because of one minor setback. If the weight of the phone pulls too hard on the front end, it may pull out of the top clip that holds the phone in. I set it face down (kind of roughly) one time and the phone slipped out of the top clip however it did stay in the bottom pieces well. 

Value ★★★★★

For the price of $30, I was surprised at the incredible quality I received. The case was up to date on its sleek design. While being trendy, the case managed to maintain a balance with the sturdy and functional side of having a great product. Most people with cases similar to this one are active people. Being able to rely on a case to be easy to use, easy to move, and will be durable is a must. I feel like this case meets most, if not all of these requirements and exceeded my expectations.

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