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Selfie on a Stick

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On August 21, 2015
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The best quality wired selfie stick available! Works with most handheld devices. All you have to do is plug it in, smile and press the button on your Selfie on A Stick Wired to snap your selfies and selfWEs! No more stranger danger!



We have all become aware of the newest trend in phone photography, the selfie stick. You might think it’s absolutely ridiculous or the best thing that ever happened to your life, but it’s actually becoming a very common go-to in the outdoor world, especially for those who don’t want to fork over the money for a GoPro. Many hikers and adventurers don’t like to carry around their massive cameras and multiple lenses and with today’s cell phone’s taking HQ pictures being almost as good as a DSLR, many will elect to stuff a “selfie stick” in their packs and hit the road. Here are my thoughts on the Selfie on a Stick (Wired) from which has been praised by Buzzfeed, Discovery Channel, TIME and many more…

Functionality ★★★★
The Wired Selfie Stick is one of many designs by Selfie on a Stick. It includes a wire attached to the stick that plugs into your headphone jack so you can operate from a button on the handle. It’s length alone stood out to me amongst other selfie sticks that I have used, seeming longer than most. Easy to operate and light enough to carry around with you without really knowing it’s there, it’s perfect for any outdoor adventure.

For the most part we tested on iPhones (mostly an iPhone 6 Plus, which is pictured) and had no problem except for one iPhone 5 that didn’t work. However, it says it should be compatible with Android smartphones and we tried it on a Galaxy s4 and s6 as well as a Note 3 and we could only get it to work properly on the newest Galaxy s6. The others just changed the zoom level on the camera. We aren’t sure if this is a software update problem or something internally, but it didn’t seem to work as well on Androids as iOS users.

It has these unique features:

  • Extends 9.25″ (23.5cm) to 42.5″ (108cm)
  • Removable clamp adjusts from 2.2″ to 3.4″ (Perfect for iOS and Android smartphones)
  • Padding surrounding the handle to protect your device
  • Net Weight 4.07oz (115.4 grams)
  • Compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS5.1+
  • Comes in 5 Vibrant colors
  • Extendable wire to hook up to phone to snap pictures from a button on the handle of the stick
  • Can be used on some Digital Cameras as well (may need a timer app)

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
Made in several different colors (including green, black, light blue, pink and purple) it seems to be made for the average human. Meaning that anyone of any age can use it. The handle has a solid grip that is ridged to make sure that your grip stays firm instead of slipping (because we all have sweaty hands). Wire is long enough to reach any size phone as well as padding is applied all around the base of the handle that holds the device to keep you from scratching your devices. My person favorite touch is the little handle the put on top so you can easily grab and move to the angle that you want your device for the perfect picture angle.

Durability ★★★★★
It seems to be built pretty solid. My biggest concern was the silver metal “tubing” that ran from the handle to the part that holds your device. A lot of selfie sticks are pretty flimsy and with minor wear and tear would eventually snap or start to warp, but the Selfie on a Stick holds pretty well. The tubing seems to be thick enough to keep it sturdy while holding for long periods of time, in any temperature as well as if you are trying to take a picture in a windy area. I think it’s safe to say that this could take quite a bit of rugged life in the mountains or on the trail.

Value ★★★★★
The Wired Selfie on a Stick runs at $24.99 and is totally worth the price. You might be able to find selfie sticks that are cheaper, but this one definitely holds sturdier and straighter than any of the ones that I have used in the past. The color of the handle makes it personal and you can take it wherever your adventures lead you, whether that is at a party with all your friends or hitting the trails in the middle of nowhere.


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