It’s Time for an Upgrade: 10 Camping Items Which You Need To Replace

upgrade time

Whether you’re an avid gear junkie or weekend warrior, there’s always room in your camping arsenal for an upgrade. Whether it’s an outdated piece of gear, or something you never realized you wanted, there are new products being introduced every day to make your camping experience more fun and rewarding.

So take a moment, evaluate what you have, and check out this list of 10 things that you first off don’t need, and then see what we suggest to replace them with:

Your “Camping” Quilt that Hasn’t Been Washed Since Your Last Trip
We all know the one we’re talking about here, that discarded blanket reserved only for camping trips, forever engrained with the smell of bonfire and various dirt stains. It doesn’t pack well, it doesn’t provide the same amount of warmth as it used to, and frankly it smells bad. Instead of lugging around this disaster of a blanket, maybe it’s time for an upgrade to your car camping sleeping system by adding the Big Agnes 600 Down Comforter to your arsenal.1


Unnecessary Technology
Forget the Facebook and turn of the Twitter for your next camping trip, because the longer you can keep your phone off and tucked away, the closer you might come to actually making a connection with the real world around you. Instead of bringing the burdensome and heavily wired technologies with you on trail, leave them at the trailhead, and if you still want a way to update family members of your location or send an emergency beacon, be sure to check out SPOT’s Satellite GPS Messenger.2


The Kitchen Sink
Are you the kind of camper that packs everything…including the kitchen sink? As silly as that sounds, running water of any kind is a nice addition to the campsite when it comes to simple chores like cleaning dishes, washing clothes, or frantically spraying yourself down after that unattended foray into a poison ivy patch. One of the niftiest gadgets out there for running water is the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower which features a built in foot pump and spray nozzle perfect for cleaning those areas usually left a little grimy.3


That Classic Air Mattress That You Use When Family Visits
Everyone has spent a night on one of those old blow up mattresses that gets untucked from the closet anytime your family comes to visit. Mostly characterized by the slow deflation that occurs in the middle of the night, these mattresses don’t belong in the great outdoors. Don’t even bother lugging that heap of plastic into your tent, instead opt for a camp specific luxury mattress like the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Dream, which not only offers convenience in packing size and self-inflating ability, but may also rival the comfort of your own bed at home.4


Your Grandmother’s Fine China
Sure, it might actually get used instead of gathering more dust, but considering the rocks, wild animals, and general raucous that can be found with camping, it’s probably not your best bet to bring the good stuff. Instead, something like the Light My Fire MealKit 2.0 which includes two plates, two SnapBoxes, one cup, a combined strainer and cutting board, and an original Spork.5


The Bedroom Pillows
While having your bedroom pillows along for the ride on your next camping trip sounds appealing, if you ever tried to remove the smell of camping from any garment, you know this could present a hindrance for future bedtime moments. Thankfully products like the Feathered Friends Geoduck Pillow, which packs to a 3rd of its original size and is stuffed with heavenly down, can supplement if not surpass your usually pillow routine.6


The Bug Zapper
While some may consider it nightly programming, perhaps not everyone at the surrounding campsites will enjoy the insistent sound of bugs zapping to their death. And while flying insects and creepy crawlers can provide for a less than enjoyable camping experience for some, something like the Nemo Equipment Bugout Screened Room Tarp can give you that low-key, all-around protection you may be searching for.7


Glass 6-Pack of Your Favorite Beer
Let’s set the record straight—no one is saying not to bring beer camping. In fact, a moderate sampling from your local brewery can be the perfect addition to any site, but bringing it in bottles isn’t the best way to go. Not only do bottles require the extra towage of a cooler full of ice, but also the potential for broken glass is the potential for really detracting from a campsite’s livability. Instead invest in an insulated Hydro Flask 64 oz. Beer Growler to keeps suds cold and campsites clean.8


Microwavable Dinners
Those value packs of microwaveable dinners you find in the frost encrusted corner of the freezer aren’t very good at home, so why try and spoil your camping trip with them? With a camping stove like the Jetboil Flash, paired with the buffet of freeze-dried options from Mountain House, you can have delicious food including Beef Stroganoff, Lasagna, and Chicken Fajita in minutes.9


Gasoline to Start the Fire
While gasoline might be consider the “quick and easy” approach to starting your next bonfire, to some public officials it may also be considered the “dangerous and illegal” approach. Instead of starting your campsite neighbor’s tent on fire, or scorching your eyebrows off in an attempt to start the fire, pack on along the pocket size Soto Fire Torch for your next weenie roast out.10

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