Brand Spotlight: Yumbutter (Mouth Rockin’, World Changing Nut Butters!)


Everyone has their favorite snacks and healthy go-to foods when heading out on their next grand adventure. We want something fast, easy, delicious and something that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Unfortunately, we get tired of eating the same thing when out on that week long backpacking or camping trip. Here at Gearographer, we strive to find varieties of snacks that are not only good for us, but also benefits the environment and world.

We stumbled upon Yumbutter on our mission to find new snacks and we immediately fell in love. We chatted with their awesome Customer Service team as well as co-founder, Matt D’Amour, about how Yumbutter is changing the world, one yummy pouch at a time.

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Yumbutter pouches are packed with the highest-quality, sustainable sourced nuts and seeds that are not only delicious, but “supercharged” snacks that are good for your body and health. Containing all your essential amino acids, pro-biotics, plant proteins and healthy fats, these pouches are also organic, vegan, gluten-free and diary-free. Can you get any better than that? Not to mention, through their Buy One | Feed One business model, for every pouch or jar that you purchase, you help feed a child with malnutrition. Yumbutter partners closely with a non-profit called Primers Pasos in Xela, Guatemala to provide holistic care to malnourished children and mothers. Find our more about the Buy One | Feed One mission HERE.

Read the full interview with co-founder Matt D’Amour below:


Where did the name Yumbutter come from? What does it mean?
“We wanted something that not only spoke to the food and taste, but was also easy to remember and say, and not too long. Something fun!”

Personally, what’s your favorite potion and why? What is Yumbutter’s most popular potion currently?
“These days, Yumbutter World Headquarters is digging our new Superfood Cashew and Plant Protein + Probiotic. The Protein is just filled with so much good stuff, and the Cashew is self explanatory… it’s SO good. Our traditional best is our Superfood Almond Butter! But we would bet that, given time, the Cashew will sneak its way up there too.”

(We got a taste of the Superfood Almond Butter and guys…..SO GOOD! Literally ordering a case of YumButter after getting to review this yummy delicious goodness!)

Potion is such a unique name! Where did the name potion come from? Why did you choose to use it for your products?
“To us, the word ‘product’ seems so impersonal. We’re not selling just nut butter here. We’re selling nut butter filled with power-packed, super nutritious ingredients literally created to fuel your adventure. We’re selling nut butter with a giant mission to back it up – to nourish the world. For every pouch we sell, we feed a child in need, and our jars are manufactured at Innovation Kitchen, where people with disabilities are employed and paid a thriving wage based on their output. We’re not selling ‘products.’ We’re selling potions, and every one is filled with love.”

Tell us about your ingredients? What is so special about them?
“Here’s a handy dandy infographic that we just made for an upcoming newsletter (that’s Matt, playing the role of “body”)


Every one of our ingredients are certified organic (with the exception of our almonds, which are non-GMO). We also choose suppliers that are doing really cool things. Our Chocolate Espresso used chocolate from Equal Exchange, who supports small-scale, fair trade farmers. Our palm oil is sourced from the number one most sustainable palm oil producer in the world (according to RSPTO). They are organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, orangutan-free, and do not contribute in any way to deforestation. They’re an awesome partner.”

Tell us about your “Holistic Responsibility” Approach? What does it mean? How does it work?
“Holistic Responsibility means that we take into consideration the impact of everything we do, every step of the way. It means we choose suppliers that share our values, and create quality, sustainably-grown ingredients / sustainably-sourced material. It means we work to create a culture of engagement, fun, and trust. It means that we use our position as a business to give back to others in a way that ties in our ultimate mission: to nourish the world.”

From a personal stand point, why do you believe Holistic Responsibility is important?
“I believe that business is the single best platform to create positive change. When you build a company that minimizes (and eventually eliminates) environmental harm, and contributes to a healthy and thriving workforce and community, all while MAKING money? That’s when you know you’ve solved it.”


Tell us about “Buy One: Feed One”? What is it?
“For every pouch we sell, we feed a child in need. But that doesn’t mean we send a pouch to a hungry child. Instead, for every pouch sold we donate a portion of the revenue of the pouch.”

What made you want to start this model?
“We wanted to have an impact in the same space in which we were an operation – food. So instead of choosing to give back in any other way, working to end hunger seemed fitting. In addition, we love how our partner NGO takes a very holistic approach to ending malnutrition. Not only do they provide feedings, but also de-wormings, prenatal supplementation, and education. It’s a way to end hunger in the area from the ground up.”

It says that “100% of Funds go to feedings, education, medical care and medicine.” What does this mean? How can someone help?
“Yumbutter contributes a portion of the revenue for every pouch sold to our partner NGO, Primeros Pasos in Xela, Guatemala. It’s important to note that we donate revenue, not profit, so that each customer can know that no matter how the company is performing, their purchase will go to providing food, nutrition, and health care to malnourished children and their mothers in one of the most malnourished countries in the Western Hemisphere.”

Check out their website at or reach out to for any questions that you might have!

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