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Varoius lens colors, red head band

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On February 19, 2015
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The Spy Bravo lenses are a step above other brands affording great clarity in vision. Comfortable on the head and lightweight. A bit limiting in puerperal vision and also a bit steep in price.

spyreview_380Luckily, not for me but for this review, the day I took the Spy Bravos out for a test drive was cloudy, with flat light and occasional teases of sunshine.

Functionality ★★★★★
These goggles are very extremely comfortable as they are made with a flexible polyurethane frame. They are lightweight and fit snug on even my face.

The Bravo is helmet compatible with most helmets which I found as I tried them on the first helmet I’ve ever worn too. The snap out lenses make it extraordinarily easy to swap out lenses as conditions change.

Performance ★★★★
Spy’s Lock Steady technology is a great system for changing lenses. The lens pops out with the push of one button and keeps your lens fingerprint free. This is a biggie as I have always had trouble switching out other lenses.

Clarity ★★★★
The lenses they provide make for a clear and concise view. You can get their Happy Lens which is a color and contrast-enhancing lens that they state will help your vision and your mood. Not sure of the health benefits they claim but my view sure looked great, even in flat light. As a matter of fact: I was pretty darn happy that day. They offer 100% UV protection which is a must on snow goggles.

Value ★★★
At a listed price on their website of $204.95 they seem a bit steep.

The Spy Bravo is a great fitting goggle that never fogged up on me and was comfortable to wear. The view was sharp and clear, even with the clouds out. My only complaint is the lack of complete peripheral vision. This is a bit smaller than some wider lens goggles and I felt a little blind on the sides.

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