Review: Edelweiss Curve ARC 9.8MM Unicore Climbing Rope

Review of: Curve ARC
Climbing Rope:
9.8MM Unicore

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On October 12, 2016
Last modified:October 11, 2016


The Edelweiss Curve ARC 9.8 mm is the perfect combination of performance, safety and durability. It's easy to handle, light to carry, and feels mighty trustworthy to climbing partners on either end of it. This is a perfect single-rope companion for sport and trad climbers of all abilities.


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The Curve ARC is a sport climber’s best friend. I was a little nervous trusting my life to a brand-new rope, but this one seemed to require no breaking in or adjustment period. I felt immediately safe, and was quickly ready to jump on projects from which I knew I might fall. The rope has an impact force of 8.1 kN and a UIAA fall factor of 8, but only weighs in at 64 g/m. I also felt safe belaying my partner with the 9.8 mm diameter. This particular rope is endowed with UNICORE technology, which keeps the sheath and the core bonded together, even if the sheath tears.


Design and Aesthetic
I didn’t know it was possible to get so many compliments on a climbing rope. Almost everyone we came across at the crag was quick to tell me they loved the vibrant green and orange pattern. Why should your rope blend in to the rock, after all? Its vibrance made it easier for both climber and belayer to follow it, and (most importantly), it gave our group an identifiable flare. The ARC is crafted with a bipattern weave to make it easy to identify both halves of the rope, and therefore find the center, which us useful for cleaning, rappelling, and safe lead climbs.

The combination of the rope’s UNICORE technology and 8 UIAA fall factor gives me confidence that this rope will carry me through a good number of climbing trips. It is also available with a SUPEREVERDRY option, which exceeds the UIAA water repellant standard. So if you, like I did, get caught in a sudden torrential downpour tied into your brand new rope, you can rest assured that your rope will make it out with minimal, if any, wear.


$219.95 is actually pretty competitive for a rope of this length, diameter and quality, but there are enough $100-$200 ropes on the market to make this price tag look a little high. Still, I would absolutely shell out $220 to buy this rope again when it comes time to upgrade. Its features make it a high-performing, high quality, and most importantly, incredibly safe option for sport and trad climbers of all abilities.


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