Review: Tani’s Thermaluxe Thermal Set

Tani USA’s silky soft Thermaluxe base layers feel good on the outside, and you’ll feel warm and fuzzy on the inside knowing that they’re made of environmentally friendly material consisting of – get this – recycled coffee bean shells.

Functionality ★★★★★

The sign of a good base layer is that you forget you’re even wearing it – and that’s exactly what Tani’s Thermaluxe Thermal Set achieves. While your charging through your favorite outdoor winter activities – ski touring, cross country skiing, trail running, etc. – it’s working hard to keep you not too hot, not too cold.

Fabricated with Nilit™, an innovative nylon created from coffee bean residue, these base layers capture and conserve your body heat, offering the perfect layer of insulation for winter sports. Once you get going, the layers naturally wick away moisture, keeping you nice and dry. These high performance layers get the job done better than most.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★

Let’s start with the good: Tani’s Thermaluxe Thermal Set is made of a material that can only be described as “luxury silky bathing suit” – you have to feel the fabric to really know what I mean. Slip this set on, and you’ll feel like a star athlete.

The bad? The fit is very small, something that is not especially evident if you’re ordering online. The men’s large was supposed to be used by my 6’0, 180 pound boyfriend (who typically hovers between a medium and large), but the top was so small that it immediately got handed over to me – a size medium woman. The pants were more true to size.

The base layers only come in on color – black – and depending on your taste, the v-neck style will either be a welcome change from the usual crew neck, or a bit of an oddity.

Durability ★★★★

Tani’s Thermaluxe Thermal Set is well constructed and overall, of excellent quality. It’s easy to care for: machine wash and tumble dry, a total no brainer. The anti-bacterial and naturally deodorant material means that you can skip a few washes between wears to extend its life even more.

Value ★★★★

At $245 for both the top and bottom combined, the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set falls in the mid to higher price point for a quality base layer. It’s a worthwhile investment, but you’ll want to make sure it fits right. Since the top and bottom are sold as a set and you can only pick one size, this may be a bit of a challenge: in my experience, the top ran very small while the bottom’s sizing was more accurate. Hopefully, Tani will start to offer the pieces separately to satisfy our inner Goldilocks’ for the combination that is just right.

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