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On January 29, 2016
Last modified:May 19, 2016


When thirst strikes, you need to be ready. Ultimate Direction Women’s Wink hydration pack is a great go-to; it can hold 70 oz. of water and has additional storage pockets (for your phone, keys, snacks, etc.). The pack fits comfortably and works well.


Functionality ★★★★
The Wink does exactly what it needs to do all while weighing less than a pound. It’s not obnoxiously big either, so you can stay light and maneuverable while storing all the essentials. The pack has lots of room for adjustment so it can fit most women, but if you still aren’t sure if it will fit you, visit their website for more sizing details.

The two front straps keep the pack extra secure while you are off on your adventures so you don’t have to deal with it moving around and being a nuisance. The pack’s water hose and how it is fastened when not in use is the one thing that I would change about this pack. The hose has a pocket it slides into, but the pocket isn’t very deep so the hose slips out here and there. It’s not a huge issue and can be fixed easily if you rig it yourself (I used a paperclip to keep mine in place).

Overall the pack holds a good amount of water, fits closely to your body, and can be used effortlessly to acquire water while not slowing down the journey.

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
The Wink hydration pack is stylish, easy and efficient. It is only available in the color Jade, but it has some florescent areas that give it a pleasant feminine look without being too unbearably bright or boring.

The pack has many pockets of different sizes so for most cases there’s no need to bring along another bag or pack. The main thing I love about the Wink is its size; it’s not too big, not too small, but instead, it’s just right. I find myself making use of all the features it offers.

Cleaning/filling up isn’t too horrible either; you simply unzip the pack, unclip the hydration pouch from inside and then feed out the hose until the pouch and hose are completely out of the pack. Many water packs work very similar to this so it’s nothing new.

Durability ★★★★★
The Wink is built solid. I’ve had my pack for a while now and it still works as well as it did the day I got it, with almost no signs of wear and tear. The Wink is primarily built of mesh material that keeps you cool but is surprisingly heavy-duty at the same time.

Value ★★★★★
At $119.95 Ultimate Direction’s Wink hydration pack may seem a bit pricy, however in the end its supreme quality makes up for it. Many similar hydration packs are on the market with a range of different prices, but the duration of time you’ll get out of your Ultimate Direction pack in addition to the features it offers will make you one happy and well-hydrated person.


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