Review: TSG Dawn Flex Helmet

FullSizeRenderFunctionality ★★★★★
The Dawn Flex Helmet from TSG is not your ordinary helmet. Unlike most helmets which come pre-molded from the factory, the Dawn Flex uses what TSG calls “FlexTech,” which makes the outer shell flexible so it forms to your head as you wear it and it’s less rigid so it absorbs low speed impacts, which is great for someone like me who tends to hit the ground fairly often. I mainly used the helmet when skating downhill and I was able to take the helmet up to 40mph with no worries and would gladly take it faster if we could find a hill that would allow it. 

The helmet held up extremely well even when being used for over 13 hours in a day (that was a very long day). The 14 aerodynamic vents combined with the active shell venting make it comfortable to wear even when you’re pushing back up the hill. I was very pleased with the overall performance of this helmet. It did everything I wanted it to do and I feel like it’s going to last me multiple years of riding. 

Design and Aesthetic ★★★★
This helmet looks very simple and I think this was what TSG was going for. It has a retro look that disguises hi-tech modern technology. I only wish they had more graphics packages for this helmet because right now, it only comes in black and white. On the bright side, this does provide a canvas for the skater to add their own art. 

For some reason, helmets just don’t fit my head very well and are usually pretty uncomfortable to wear for any period of time. I’m not sure if it’s the FlexTech shell or the soft foam that lines the helmet but this thing fits like a glove and I’m happy to wear it for even a long park session. The fit is low and snug which makes me feel more secure while skating. No one wants a helmet that bounces around on their head. 

Durability ★★★★
The sport of downhill longboarding is notoriously rough on gear and I was happily surprised by the performance of this helmet. After a multiple weeks of heavy skating, which included a few pretty gnarly falls, the helmet still looks the same as when I took it out of the box. The only difference is the shell has scratches on it but you have to feel them to actually know they’re there. The FlexTech helps to not only absorb impact but it exponentially adds to the durability and lifetime of the helmet.

Value ★★★★★
The Dawn Flex is priced at 69.95 € which is just under $80 US, which is around $15 more than the version without FlexTech. When you think about how many more impacts the flex can take compared to the regular Dawn, the choice is easy. You spend the extra 15 bucks for the flexible, form fitting shell. That $15 ends up going a long ways and the helmet will last for much longer. 

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