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Both 900 and 700

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On September 25, 2018
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The Vargo Titanium 900 and 700 BOT offer backpackers an ultralight and multifunctional tool to help crush those trail miles. With the 900 BOT functioning as a water bottle and the 700 BOT functioning as a mug, Vargo hits a perfect blend of usability.

Functionality: 4

The 900 BOT is also called the Bottle Pot highlighting its multifunctional capabilities. Its 900 ml is capable of holding a lot of water and then doubling as pot for your dinner. I found this to be incredibly helpful as I use to have to pack an extra bottle for water for cooking. The 700 BOT comes equipped with foldable handles to double as a mug. This was incredibly helpful as I am a religious coffee-drinker and always have to pack a coffee mug. Now, I can pack my stove and fuel inside, cook or boil water, and have a container to sip my morning coffee. It’s so useful! Lastly, the threaded lid can be turned over to double as a cooking lid to boil and cook faster. A couple things to note: These products are NOT non-stick so make sure you control heat and use an olive oil to keep from sticking. Also, this has been well-documented; and Vargo even notes it on their site. The threaded seal and rubber gasket can create a pressure seal at higher, changing elevations causing the lid to be difficult to unscrew.

Aesthetics & Design: 5

The design is simple and well-engineered. It is made from ultralight, biocompatible titanium. It is also designed to fit in most water-bottle sleeves on backpacks. Think about the same width as a Nalgene. One small design feature to note, the O-ring gasket is heat resistant; so it won’t melt when the lid is turned over for cooking. The 700 BOT’s handles are the only difference between the 900 and 700 build other than size. Both are also compatible with a pot lifter.

Quick note, this is not 100% leak-proof. I’ve carried water in it and it works totally fine upright; but I have read reports of it leaking a couple drops when on its side/upside down. Just something to be aware of.

Durability: 5

They are made from titanium! The BOT is incredibly strong. One note on durability is that you may see some heat spots on the bottom of the pot but this can be avoided with better heat control. I am also a little worried the O-ring may melt over a long period of usage.

Value: 5

The BOT may seem expensive upfront with the 900 and 700 both at $99.95 . However, since it is multifunctional and titanium, I was able to overlook the price. Think about it. With the 700 BOT, you get a pot with a lid, coffee mug, and water storage/gear container — all titanium. Because of my style of backpacking, the 700 BOT is my go-to cooking pot.

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