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On May 19, 2014
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The Vasque Grand Traverse are very surprising and a great combination of durability and comfort.

The Grand Traverse shoe by Vasque is a surprisingly rugged approach shoe. They are advertised to push the limits but when you look at them, you don’t really think of an extreme shoe. They look like the kind of shoe that you could wear to the office and maybe walk on the grass on your way to your car at the end of the day. This view is completely blown out of the water once you put them on. If they weren’t held on by the shoes, your socks might actually be knocked off with how comfortable these shoes are. It feels like you are wearing a sock, but that sock has been attached to a Vibram sole that will take you anywhere. 

Design and Aesthetics 
These shoes come in two different colors. There is one that is brown and tan and looks like a regular hiking shoe, while the other is bright green and black and looks more like a running shoe. They are both the same shoe, the colors are just different. The build of these shoes is great, they have Vibram sole with two types of rubber to provide ultimate traction and a heel cup to make sure that they stay snugly attached to your foot.

Vasque makes all of their products very well and these shoes are built with both Vibram and Equalizer Last technologies. Both of these companies are very reliable and add great durability to their products. 

Value ★★★★★
When it comes to value, these shoes are hard to beat. They won’t break the bank and they’re built to last. The Grand Traverse is extremely well built and your money goes a long way when you buy these shoes, they have features for days.

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