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Eddie Bauer
Women's Highline Trail Pro in Margarita

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On September 2, 2016
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Trail runners, rejoice: the Highline Trail Pro is Eddie Bauer’s take on a trail running shoe fit for a wide variety of terrain. This shoe can stand up to dirt, mud, and puddles, yet it’s surprisingly light – making it perfect for a jog on the trails in any type of weather. It may not be the raciest looking shoe out there, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a shoe that provides better value than the Highline Trail Pro.


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The Highline Trail Pro is loaded with features that make them truly fit for the trails. They strike a perfect balance between keeping your feet dry and comfortable under any conditions, without adding on too much extra weight. The WEATHEREDGE® membrane is both waterproof and breathable, meaning moisture from dew, rain, and mud will stay out without overheating your feet. The SportGrip® XT all-season carbon rubber outsole provides additional waterproof support, and the Highline Trail Pro’s tread is solid enough to tackle tough terrain.

The biggest surprise with this trail running shoe is its weight. It feels surprisingly light relative to other shoes, which means you’ll want to run or hike with a little extra bounce in your step.


Design and Aesthetics 

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the Highline Trail Pro is okay, but not overly remarkable (in neither a good or bad way). It’s got a sporty look that is functional and adds a bit of style, but the overall vibe is perhaps a little clunky and less sleek than other trail running shoes I’ve seen. The shoe is only available in two colors, the eye-catching “flamingo” (primarily coral with grey and lime accents) and the subtler “margarita” (grey with lime accents). The style selection may be limited, but the options should please both those who like a little flair in their shoe and those who prefer to keep it low key.

Fit is always relative, depending on your foot and running style, but I found the Highline Trail Pro to be comfortable and well-designed. They generally fit true to size and are available in half sizes – don’t be afraid to size up, since your feet may swell a little on long runs. There were no major pressure points (and no blisters to be found after several longer trail runs), but the toe box was a little snug for my wider feet.


The Highline Trail Pro is made of quality materials and was built to last under tough conditions. Trail running isn’t a gentle sport, and the functional aspects of the shoe ensure that they’ll last longer on the trails than your average running shoe. I’ve used them in my shoe rotation for half a season now, and they’re still in great condition. I have good faith that these will last many, many more miles.



The Highline Trail Pro represents an excellent value – particularly at its sale price of only $97.50 (down from it’s regular price point of $130, which is still quite reasonable for a sturdy trail shoe). If the shoe fits your foot comfortably, it’s a steal of a deal.

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