Stuff I Liked at OR Snow Show 2020

The Gearography team took a trip out to OR last week. We had a blast checking out all the new gear the amazing outdoor industry is pumping out! Let’s take a look at a handful of things that stood to us this show.

Nevada Neo Goggles by Bollé
Release Date: Late 2020
MSRP: $280 (For the Phantom Lens)
The Nevada Neo is a beautiful new goggle featuring replaceable magnetic lenses. With a cylindrical shape (currently trendy) and an optional light-sensitive lens (Phantom Lens), its a solid looking goggle I would happily ride with. The magnets are pretty strong and are supported by a clip on the top that keeps it in place. This is awesome because you could actually change out your lenses WITHOUT TAKING YOUR GOGGLES OR GLOVES OFF.

Powcow by Harvest
Release Date: Available Now
MSRP: $789 (Powcow + Powcow Tour)
The Powcow is a set of skis emblazoned with a bold cow pattern that I fell in love with immediately. Who wouldn’t? With a super-wide ski base, this will have you flying through powder with much style. Wow. This pattern also comes in a Tour version with an integrated Tread Tech grip so that you don’t have to skin your ski’s when trekking uphill. That, I think, is pretty awesome.

Mission Duffel by Mystery Ranch
Release Date: Available Now
MSRP: $150
This is the travel duffel bag workhorse for you. In three different sizes (40L, 55L, and 90L) you can haul quite a bit. With easy top access, boot compartment, and horseshoe zipper, its easy to get access to your gear. The best feature IMO is the Wood Waxed Canvas outer textile, which is tough, water-resistant, and silky smooth to the touch.

This bag was highly commended in Carryology’s Carry Awards 5: Best Check-In!

Logger 917 by Danner
Release Date: Fall 2020 Release
MSRP: ~$220
Danners are the kind of shoe that take a minute to break in, but once they’re molded around your feet—you never want to take them off. The entire 917 Series is designed spot-on for the outdoor crowd; with an athletic and uber sticky Vibram out-sole, superior leather textiles (the pomegranate leather color looks incredible in person), and a lifetime warranty, these are the kinds of boots that you resole and wear forever. And I want a pair very, very badly.

Koda Rocker by Arbor
Release Date: Soon
MSRP: $579
Arbor started talking about sustainability 25 years ago—when it wasn’t cool. Today, everyone is following Arbor’s lead. Take the Coda for instance, made with sustainable materials and powered by renewable energy. The top sheet has no plastic at all, the core is made of bamboo and poplar (the fastest growing/most renewable woods available), the edges made of recycled steel, and the base is made using their Zero Waste Base process.

National Parks Themed Classic SD by Victorinox
Release Date: Available Now
MSRP: $23.99
I actually saw this at Shot Show the week before, but it was worth mentioning here.
The Classic SD is a tiny little EDC that slips onto any keychain relatively unnoticed but packs a whopping 18 features including scissors and the little swiss army knife tweezers (gotta have those tweezers!). It’s cool to see the Swiss supporting our national parks; in this special edition series, most national parks got some vintage coverage on a knife. My favorite, of course, was Smokey Mountain National Park knife, pictured here.

Patagonia Worn Wear Tour Bus Program
This isn’t an actual product, but it’s so amazing it’s worth mentioning.
If you can count on one thing that airlines will do, you can count on them to thrash your bags. Especially snowboard bags. After the flight to OR, the zipper on my bag got all messed up to where I couldn’t unzip the bag after getting to the hotel. But I was in luck! Just so happened that Patagonia drove their Worn Wear Tour bus into the convention center to fix broken gear for show attendees. But this bus was emblematic of a cooler trend, where one day, I hope that repair fashion becomes the new thing. Fast fashion, move over, repair fashion is here to stay

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