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Review of: Arete BDry Hiker
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Women's Low

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On March 2, 2020
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The Obōz Arete is the combination of trail durability with practical comfort, all in a stylish and attractive product.

I was incredibly excited to test out any product from Obōz. While I traditionally do not opt for a low hiker for my outdoor pursuits, the Obōz Arete Low with BDry waterproofing was more than enough to make me reconsider.

Design/Aesthetics ★★★★★

I was pleased to see that the Arete maintains the simplicity and thinness of a pair of tennis shoes, losing the bulk traditionally found in hiking shoes. The colors offered are fun and fresh, and the overall look of the shoe is attractive, which while not as important as the functionality of the shoe, is a huge bonus as a woman in the outdoor industry. Even though the Arete is designed for the grit and dirt of hiking, it felt great to have an attractive and sleek design.

Durability ★★★★★

I am convinced that this shoe is invincible. From the minute I opened the box, I was impressed by the structure and firmness of the sole as well as the thickness and added protection of the waterproof outer layer. After a few days out on the trail, these hikers have met every challenge I have put in front of them, and still look flawless. This weekend, I took the small break in our rainy weather to test out the BDry technology. After a few miles in the mud, pretty much all of me was either sopping wet or covered in mud, but my feet were happy as can be! As with any waterproof shoe, the Arete does keep your feet warm, but the fabric offered plenty of breathability and I am hopeful that these will continue to be the perfect partner for any season of hiking.

Functionality ★★★★

The Arete is equipped with the O Fit Insole that made 10-mile hikes feel like a walk in the park. I was left wishing that the shoes came up about a half-inch higher on my heel, providing a bit more support and security, but overall, that was an easy tradeoff for the comfortability and the traction offered by the sole.

Value ★★★★

For the price of $145, the Arete offers great features and an overall impressive product for a comparable price. You can definitely find other low hikers for around this same price, but Obōz and the Arete are an easy pair to trust and invest in. Especially with so many specialized features and the Obōz One More Tree program!

The Obōz Arete is the combination of trail durability with practical comfort, all in a stylish and attractive product. I am excited to see where this hiker will take me!

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